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How to find actors

Whether it be a short film or a web series, it will take you most of the time actors. Indeed, they represent one of the main subjects of your work. To recruit your actors, you have 3 choices available to you : Make friends to you; Place an ad and choose your actors without casting; […]

How to succeed in your video editing

Explained simply, the video editing is to select, modify, process, and assemble multiple video clips to make a coherent and continuous, called film or video. The video editing is one of the essential stages of post-production ; and even if it is not a video editor professional, you can still shoot and edit videos of […]

How to succeed locations

Hello to all. Today, we are going to see the phase of pre-production tracking. The identification phase is the search of the premises that will constitute the filmic space of your short film. In our humble level, all places are not accessible. It will therefore have to give particular care to this task to find […]

How to make a video ?

How to talk about cinema without addressing the question of the video ? In recent years, the web has seen the birth of a large number of videastes. The reasons for this popularity are many : development of new technologies, lower prices, which allows to turn for cheap, want to communicate about a particular topic […]

How to make a film X

To continue this series started with the article “how to make a short film” , I offer the most unlikely of all, namely : “how to make a porn movie “. I don’t know if many of my readers are interested in this question, but I know that the institute of the porn generates a […]

How to make an action film

After the articles “how to make a short film” and “how to make an animated film” , we remain in the series initiated by Canal+, which responds this time to the question : “how to make an action film ? “. Again, the tone is humorous and the content is easy to access but still […]

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