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10 Best ideas of remakes

Le cinema has a short memory. And if it is generally admitted that it is an art still young, it happens too often to wallow in the nostalgia of old diva, ready to die to regain a little of its youth and of its magnificent glory. This mood revolting probably explains why the muse of […]

fantastic Cinema : 10 british films to discover

If I’ve already shouted my love of fantastic cinema Italian in a previous article, I couldn’t decently mention the United Kingdom, the other european nation to have purchased their most beautiful emotions to the film fans of the genre. If the productions Hammer or The Innocents by Jack Clayton guaranteed in the cinema british its […]

fantastic Cinema : 10 Italian films to discover

Hash Italy : everything in one trip ! Some may be a little soon forgotten, but during the sixties and seventies the country of Fellini, Visconti and Rocco Siffredi, was the second largest exporter in the world of movies behind the juggernaut us. To invade the cinemas of the neighborhoods of the five continents, the […]

fantastic Cinema : 15 impressions of déjà-vu

“It’s weird, coffin that slowly opens creaky, it reminded me of something.” Yes, the film is full of winks accomplices and references more or less explicit in the earlier works, become classics or forgotten. So here is a selection of 15 prints from already-seen from the heritage, fantastic.   SLEEPY HOLLOW… In this film by […]

fantastic Cinema : 10 remakes of successful

Every time a remake is announced in the media, there occurs the same phenomenon is deplorable in the mind of his potential audience : there is concern both that this new project betrays the state of mind and artistic qualities of the original film, that one comes to expect that it will be only a […]

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