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Choose to work in the cinema

This is it, this is the time for you to pick and choose who you want to be in 10 years and how to access it. A priori, if you’re on this blog, it is that the cinema is your choice or it is part of it. This article will help you, I hope, to […]

” Head decorator for the cinema “

Today, I present to you the book Chief set designer for the film co-written by Thierry, The Newdirector of feature films and author of several books on the cinema, and Pascale-Joanne Rabaud , architect and head designer for the cinema, television, advertising or theatre. This book is published by Eyrolles and is available for about […]

” Cha Cha Cha “, Marco Risi

A polar modern In contrast to the musicality that can’t hear its title, “Cha Cha Cha” is a thriller of a modern intrigue of Italian colour, where corruption and suspicion are the watchwords. Marco Risi (Fortapasc, The Last Godfather, Maradona, the hand of God, Mery for ever, etc ) sign here a plot rather entertaining. […]

The basics of lighting in cinema

Hello to all ! After the article on the light at the film here is a new article by Thibault on the basics of lighting. 1 – The role of lighting Without light, no image. Just as the composition, the light guides the spectator’s gaze by classifying the image, with, of course, degrees of subtlety. […]

Insurance for a shoot

Today I propose you a small article on the theme of the production and, in particular, insurance to take on a shoot. You will see that most of the insurances relate only to the professional productions, however, I think it is important to know. The different types of insurance, audiovisual The civil liability There is […]

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