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Fantastic Cinema : Discourses of artificial 2/3

Second part of our dossier on the manifestations and uses of the artificial in the cinema, in the continuity of the Escape Impossible. We will process and of the different manifestations of the artificial, in three parts : – The SCREEN IS A MASK STITCHED INTO THE NARRATIVE – AWARENESS OF The ARTIFICIALITY – The […]

fantastic Cinema : dissonance and narrative

Depending on the point of view that translates to the camera, a story can sometimes take detours surprising. Here are a few examples of what may be termed “dissonance narrative”. Have you ever wondered where were the images that you see in a movie ? We all know for a fact that they are the […]

fantastic Cinema : an escape impossible

Abrupt end, end mockery, the end of liar : the last images of a film can leave an uneasiness in the mind of the viewer. To be a character of fiction, this is not always easy to live with ! If we as spectators can enjoy the stories as experiences cathartics which shape indirectly our […]

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