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Le world series animated for an adult earns through Netflix a little gem of humor crazy ! It is close to the humor of Seth MacFarlane with American Dad for example, but more trashy and subversive. The series takes place in a world where both humans and animals and anthropomorphic live side-by-side. BoJack Horseman is […]


G rand DC fan rather than Marvel, and after the huge disappointment that was Arrow and The Flash to their output, I was not expecting a lot of the new adaptation of a comic book super-hero on the small screen. So I started in DAREDEVIL curiosity (perhaps with a bit of skepticism, despite the teasers […]


After a ride through the fantasy with Warcraft, Duncan Jones returned to her first love, science fiction. But MUTE is there really a science-fiction film, in the end ? Hitherto the career of Duncan Jones had a dynamic and promising. First, the pearl Moon, with its storyline to twist and on a modest budget, what […]

Netflix : new releases for the month of June 2018

As each and every month on Netflix, programs, leave and others arrive, we suggest you browse the next few films, series or documentaries relating to this month of June. It may be noted, for the beginning of summer, a few programs out of the lot : the end of the series Sense8, the second season […]

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