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How to protect your scenario part 2

 How to protect your screenplay Part 2   Here is the second part of how to protect your scenario abroad. I’m going to explain to you what you must do to protect your scenario : In canada, The united states, Belgium etc… If you need to send your scenario to the USA, for example, you […]

protect on a scenario

How to protect a scenario Part 1 Hello to all, For this new article I thought that this topic : how to protect a scenario, was de rigueur. You may be (surely ;o) ) of the faithful readers of this site. You work hard, or you have already spent several months writing your script. Today […]

How to write dialogue for a screenplay

How to write a dialogue for a scenario   Here we go. You attack the continuity of dialogue, which, as its name indicates, includes : dialogues. Then how to write dialogues that hit the mark ?! A dialog what is it ? First of all tell you that this is not because you write 90 […]

The séquencier, Write a short film Part V

The séquencier   Today we are going to discuss the séquencier. Well ! Since a few weeks now, we have defined a number of things in relation to your character. We know who he is, we know his objective, we have defined the obstacles, allies and enemies. We are also familiar with the 12 steps […]

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