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After the success of Stars 80, the team re-offending and offers a work without soul or madness. Our editor Fabian has been dedicated to get a preview. Return on an evening of discomfort and inintérêt. 20h15 : It is over twenty hours, and the Evil lurking in the shadows. Under the moonlight, you see a […]

Star Trek : New trailer

Here’s a new trailer for Star Trek, a film by J. J. Abrams , which is scheduled for may 6, 2009 with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Eric Bana. If the purists scream sometimes to the shame, we can’t say the special effects, of any bôôté. ARVE Error: id and provider shortcodes attributes are mandatory […]


Caught between its ambitions to be emancipatory and Icons of the past, Star Wars : The Last Jedi bypasses the disappointment, instilling a sense of chivalry in the legacy of the force, but fails to achieve an independence and a true greatness. It is only a matter of time. Every action, every memory, every passion, […]

[critical] Street Fighter

In South-East Asia, general Bison threatens the world of world war if we did not give $ 20 billion, in exchange for the lives of 63 members of the nations allied that he has taken hostage. Editor’s Note [rating:2/10] • Release Date : April 12, 1994 • Directed by Steven E. De Souza • Film […]

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