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[critical] The Eye of Evil

Jerry and Rachel do not know each other, but a nightmare gave them an appointment. Because someone has pretended to be a terrorist and he is now sought after by all the fonts, Jerry has no choice but to obey the mysterious voice that controls each of its facts and gestures. Rachel is also obliged […]

Logorama : a Short Film- Complete Version (VF/HD)

The Blog for The Movie offers to play in HD, in French and in entirety the short film Logorama, Oscar for the Best Animated Short Film 2010… The pitch : A race, pursuit, wild animals let loose in the city, a hostage who turns the drama… and much more in Logorama ! Logorama was directed […]

Hadopi Law : When the cinema gets in the way

Here is the presentation of a blog of artists for an alternative to the all-repressive… A forum by which the movement challenging the world of cinema against the law Hadopi has initiated. It is a first step in the fight for a system that is more fair and takes into account the interests of all […]

[critical] LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

LOL ? It means Laughing Out Loud – mort de rire – en langage MSN. It is also likely that as the friends of Lola call. Yet, on the day of her return, Lola does not have the heart to laugh. Arthur, her boyfriend, provokes her, saying that he has cheated during the summer. And […]

London River : trailer (VOSTFR)

Here’s the trailer for London River… The pitch : The encounter, in London, Ousmane and Elisabeth, a muslim and a christian, both looking for their child, who has not given sign of life since the attacks, which have cast a shadow on the british capital. Knew each other ? And are they part of the […]

Looking For Eric : Band-announcement 1

Here is the first trailer of Looking For Eric… The pitch : Eric Bishop, postier Manchester, traverse a bad pass. Under his nose, her two beautiful sons excellent in small trafficking of all kinds, his daughter accuses him of not being up to height, and his sentimental life is a desert. Despite the joyful friendship […]

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