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Presented at the festival of Deauville, four years ago already, the independent film from Shane Carruth, UPSTREAM COLOR finally knows a theatrical release. A work experimental crossed by a network of emotions confusing. Extract a genre film of its aesthetic environment is never a small matter. A challenge then arises for a filmmaker who brings […]

[critical] Valentine’s Day

The crossed destinies of couples who separate or together, of singles who meet in Los Angeles, the day of Saint Valentine’s day… Author’s Note [rating:5/10] • Release Date : February 17, 2010 • Directed by Garry Marshall • Film american • With Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway… • Duration : 2h 03min • Trailer […]

[critical] Va, Vis Et Deviens

In 1984, thousands of Africans from 26 countries hit by the famine, find themselves in camps in Sudan. At the initiative of Israel and the United States, a broad action is taken to bring thousands of ethiopian Jews to Israel. A christian mother pushes her son of nine years to declare himself jewish in order […]


Paul Lacoste likes to shoot land and those who inhabit them. At the turn of the campaigns, he moves the cameras to capture the ties that bind men to their environment. For a long time, he crossed the Aubrac to the discovery of the family Arms, restorer of the father to the son, and has […]

[critical] Revenge

A father comes to Hong Kong to avenge his daughter, a victim of hired killers. On his passport is marked “cook”. 20 years earlier, he was a professional killer. Author’s Note [rating:4/10] • Release Date : may 20, 2009 • Directed by Johnnie To • Film in hong Kong • With Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Testud, […]


Tstreet Justice is a series of american TV created, produced, co-written, co-produced and played by Steven Seagal. This last is slipped into the skin ofElijah Kane, a cop at the head of an elite unit of the Seattle police, specialized in the infiltration and tracking down criminals of all kinds. If there’s a discipline that […]

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