The directivity of the microphones

This article brings together the main information on the directivity of the microphones.   A microphone has two main characteristics : its technology and its directivity. The knowledge of these two parameters will allow you to correctly choose your microphone and the best use of them. We will be talking about in this part of […]

Successful management of actors

The direction of the actors, that is-what it is ? Why is this important in the success of a film ? What are the keys to success ? These are all questions that you will find below some answers ! The direction of the actors, that is-what it is ? The direction of the actors […]

The basics of electro

The electro on the set of a movie is a technician who works in conjunction with the chief operator. He took care of the installation and handling of electrical equipment and projectors. Thus, it becomes vital for him to have knowledge about electricity. Here are some basics that will hopefully be useful to you. Definition […]

Ask a permission to film

Permission to shoot As you can read in the article ” Account of my filming , I had to perform several steps of pre-production for this shoot, which had a budget big enough for my status. With this budget, I was able to rent equipment rather important, and for this I have necessarily had to […]

the importance Of the image format

A large part of you does not missed going to see Mommy last year at the cinema. The film by Xavier Dolan is, in fact, distinguished by its particular use of its format offering to his public a square image enlarging by moments. So far, Dolan is certainly not the first to have pushed the […]

The decorations at the cinema

Strangely, the importance of scenery in the cinema is largely under-estimated by the apprentice filmmakers. I have, indeed, seen too many short films, students or web-series in which the atmosphere in general was sloppy. This effect was notably due to the lack of detail in their backgrounds that led to a poverty of the image, […]

Danny Boyle : A life less ordinary, a comedy bit ordinary

Third criticism of Squizzz and third film from Danny Boyle, not the most well-known of all his work undoubtedly a very good film, I’ll let you discover the critical After the shock ” Trainspotting “, Danny Boyle crosses the Atlantic ocean to afford the luxury of a movie-recreation. Clearly, with “A life less ordinary,” the […]

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