How to make a film X

To continue this series started with the article “how to make a short film” , I offer the most unlikely of all, namely : “how to make a porn movie “. I don’t know if many of my readers are interested in this question, but I know that the institute of the porn generates a […]

How to make an action film

After the articles “how to make a short film” and “how to make an animated film” , we remain in the series initiated by Canal+, which responds this time to the question : “how to make an action film ? “. Again, the tone is humorous and the content is easy to access but still […]

How to make a short film

Hello to all I stumbled the other day on a rather original title : “I want to make a short film.” This poster designed by Canal+ tells the story of the route (more or less true) that it must perform to complete a short film. Obviously, the document has been simplified and do a shoot […]

How to present a scenario

Hello to all. We are going to learn today how to submit a scenario. Did you know that there is a universal form to submit and write the script of the movie ? Well, we’ll see how to do it very easily with a free software called Celtx. You will find the download links below […]

How to prepare for a shoot

Once the script for your film written, once the film project approved by the stakeholders, it is time to prepare the shooting, that is to say, pre-produce. But why and how to do it effectively ? What could be the different stages ? It is to these questions that meets the article below ! Prepare […]

How to make a movie ?

Nowadays, making a film is easier. New technologies and the internet provide access to many information and facilitate communication. In spite of everything, to make a film requires discipline, organization and investment. In this series of articles, you’ll see how to make a movie and what are the stages of pre-production, production and post-production. The […]

How do you get a audition

If your project is really serious, it is very important to pass an audition for his first role, as they will be an essential ingredient in the outcome of your film. Therefore, as long as they are good. To help you, I have created an article that explains in 6 steps how to run a […]

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