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The “happy end” of the second part made us believe that we would never deal with the escapades of sentimental Bridget Jones. And yet, twelve years later, the single most known film (and the novels of Helen Fielding !) strives once again to tell us about his misadventures in love. But then, as is often […]

[critical] Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, discovers that vampires are preparing to invade the country. Its mission is to exterminate them. Author’s Note • Release Date : August 8, 2012 • Directed by Timur Bekmambetov • Film american • With Benjamin Walker, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead • […]


Baby Driver promised to be a movie turning fun, it is in reality an escalation of the cool attitude desired by the blockbusters of modern. Boosted by a marketing effectiveness, only the producers are well advised to hold the secret, and by praise auctions in unison, the calls to rush to the theaters to find […]


INFORMATION • Original title : The Fighters • Achievement : Thomas Cailley • Screenplay : Thomas Cailley, Claude Le Pape • Main actors : Adèle Haenel, Kevin Azaïs, William Lebghil • Country of origin : France • Released : August 20, 2014 • Duration : 1h38min • Distributor : Haut et Court • Synopsis : […]

[INTERVIEW] Marco Bellocchio

It is undeniable that Marco Bellocchio is one of the last great masters of the Italian cinema. Starting strong with Fists in the pockets (1965), he realized at the age of 26, the filmmaker has unfortunately not received during his career the recognition it deserved. As with Race, the great forgotten of the Cannes film […]

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