Participate in the 17th International Festival of Screenwriters in Valencia

Like every year, Valencia will host the International Festival of Writers in April 2014, more specifically from 2 to 6. But for authors, it is now that it is happening with the nominations ! In fact, you have until November 15, 2013 to register for one of the 6 appointments of the festival. You have the choice between the Marathon of writing the short film, the Workshop, bible Tv, the Forum of authors of fiction, the Workshop, Fates and lively, and still the Workshop Magic web lab. More info by clicking here. It is also of course the opportunity to meet many professionals from the audiovisual, and who knows, may be able to find a producer or director with which to team up !

As you can see, several of the specialties are covered and everyone should find his happiness. From my side, after a first attempt that was not successful two years ago, I try again the participation in the Marathon of writing a Short Film with the hope of finally being able to participate ! Good luck to all those who are going to attempt the adventure.

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