Persecution : trailer (VF/HD)

Here is the trailer of Persecution

The pitch : Daniel, 35 years old, is a very busy man but lonely. This existence is spiced by the binding eventful that he has with Sonia, a woman who inspired both love and loathing, but which he cannot do without. One day, a man, who seems to come from nowhere, burst into his apartment. The visits of this stranger are more numerous, going so far as to endanger the relationship of Daniel with Sonia. When it decides to leave, he finds himself facing many questions : Who is this stranger ? Why persecute it ? All this does it make sense ?

Persecution has been directed by Patrice Chéreau (Gabrielle, His Brother) with Romain Duris (And After, Paris), Charlotte Gainsbourg (Antichrist, I’m Not There) and Jean-Hugues Anglade (the series Braquo, Villa Amalia).

Date of national release on December 9, 2009 !

Persecution : trailer (VF/HD)

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