personal Money and short film 2

Argent personnel et court-métrage 2

Episode 3 and 4


3) The salaries of the short film / 4) auto-production

As I said in personal money and short film 1 will auto-generate does not self finance ! It simply means that you do not call for a production company to produce your film but you use an association, which you created or already existing, in order that your project sees the light of day. You’re going to have to find the funds. And of course, a ban from typing in their own economies, those of tata Suzanne or Grandma Mireille !!!!! But instead of trying to sell or pre sell your short film….or simply to find grants.

I found some interesting videos that talk about the short film. They are derived from the short-circuit broadcast on ARTE. The videos date back to 2007, but after having viewed it for you, I can tell you that few things have changed. They are, therefore, still relevant.

Following the first article of a user of the site posted this comment :

In a nutshell, the short film it is very clairmeent not cost-effective according to your article. However, if a person cannot réupérer the money invested, I have to wonder the interest even of the short film. What good is embarking on a project if it is on in advance that it will lose money. The experience OK, but must understand that this is not a sustainable situation ?

But then what use is it ?

It is true that the short film is not profitable, and that we can not live. But today, it is the best way to get to know. The best way to make his weapons and show what we can do. It is only like this that you will be able to convince a producer or a chain you trust. So no, this is not a sustainable situation :o) It is not thus used for nothing of embarking on such an adventure if you put your own money….because eventually you may lose everything.

There are enough structures in France to successfully finance your project. Of course this request may be a little more of your time than go to your bank, but the amount of records and meeting the funders you put all the chances on your side to get out of it without having lost your shirt.

3) The salaries of the short film

4) self-release


I invite you to watch these videos, that lasts only 6 minutes, but that will allow you to understand how does the short film in France and what are the weapons that you have at your disposal to reach your purposes.

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.You can return to the site map by clicking on the link.

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