Piranha 3D : trailer (VOSTFR/HD)

Here’s a first trailer for the movie Piranha 3D…

The pitch : While the town of Lake Victoria is preparing to receive thousands of students for the Easter weekend, an earthquake shakes the city and opens, under the lake, there is a flaw where thousands of piranhas escape. Unaware of the danger that lurks, all the students are partying on the lake while Julie, the sheriff, finds a first body devoured… The day is going to be much longer for her than Jake, his son, has forsaken the care of his young brothers and sisters to serve as a guide to the edge of the boat sexy Wild Wild Girls !

Piranha 3D was directed by Alexandre Aja (Mirrors, The hills Have Eyes) with Elisabeth Shue (Hamlet 2, First Born (2007)), Richard Dreyfuss (Holidays in The Greek, Silver City) and Ving Rhames (the series Gravity, Clones). The film is distributed by Wild Bunch Distribution.

Piranha 3D will be released in France on August 25, 2010 !

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