Positive #578

Here is a summary of the Positive #578…


Cecil B. DeMille

Sermons celluloid

Jean-Loup Bourget

Cecil B. DeMille DVD

Pierre Berthomieu and Christian Viviani

Interview with James d’arc

A reign of a longevity without equal

Lorenzo Codelli

Joan the Woman

A heart beneath a breastplate

Sylvie Lindeperg

The Damned of the heart

The glove or the cross

Michael Henry

Under the sign of the western

Pascal Binétruy

It looks like the villain of our picture book

Originality of Cecil B. DeMille

Pierre Berthomieu


Bertrand Tavernier

In the mist electric

Blue Bayou

Franck Kausch

Interview with Bertrand Tavernier

I believed in the visions of Robicheaux

Élise Domenach and Philippe Rouyer

John Woo

The Three Kingdoms

The three doves

Lorenzo Codelli

Red Cliff Three Kingdoms

Adrien Gombeaud

Interview with John Woo

A better tomorrow

Adrien Gombeaud and Hubert Niogret

Stephen Frears


The magical interlude

Franck Garbarz

Interview with Stephen Frears

A balance between frivolity and tragedy

Michel Ciment

Atom Egoyan


Monsters and scrolls

Eithne O’neill

Interview with Atom Egoyan

A universe of discovery but without revelations

Michel Cieutat and Michel Ciment


Yella and Jerichow

Christian Petzold

Élise Domenach


Andrzej Wajda

Hubert Niogret


Jean-Claude Brisseau

Philippe Rouyer

Ponyo on the cliff

Hayao Miyazaki

Eithne O’neill

An Italian summer

Michael Winterbottom

Jean A. Gili

Me not free, I charge

Fabienne Godet

Vincent Thabourey

Let’s Make Money

Erwin Wagenhoffer

Matthieu Darras



Postcards from Leningrad, The Chaser, Coco, Country Teacher, the Dollhouse, Duplicity, The Survey, african Experience, Far North, the Daughter of The RER, Human Zoo, I am from Titov Veles, The Day of the skirt, The Legend of Despereaux, The Reader, Away from the scorched earth, Nowhere promised land, The pink Panther 2, For a son, Tokyo Sonata, A cat a cat, A brazilian family, A beautiful journey, The True Story of puss in boots, Villa Amalia, Watchmen, the guards, Wendy and Lucy


Voice off

Memories of Audrey Hepburn

Hubert de Givenchy


February in cinema

Breaking the glass

Franck Kausch

Reflection project

Why so much history

Cinema, History and Criticism

Pascal Binétruy

Berlin 2009

59th Berlinale

Catherine Axelrad, Jean-Loup Bourget and Eithne O’neill

Notes party

Angers 2009, First Plans ;

Gérardmer 2009, the Sixteenth festival of the fantastic film

Reading Notes

Abbas Kiarostami, the film the test of time ;

It is Kubrick ; Stanley Kubrick”s ” 2001 : A Space Odyssey “, New Essays ; México photographed by por Luis Buñuel

Our selection DVD

Luis Buñuel

Hellzapoppin of H. C. Potter

Aki Kaurismäki, the integral

Macadam two-lane Monte Hellman

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