procrastiner…this procrastination that we rot life

procrastiner…cette procrastination qui nous pourrit la vie


That thing that prevents us from writing !

Procrasti…what ? Today I want to talk to you about a problem that almost all: procrastination. Before going into the heart of the matter I can assure you that I myself have been the victim and still today I happen to be tempted to fall back into the trap, and the procrastiner, but don’t worry, I’ll explain how to avoid it.

Procrastiner what is it ?

To make it simple procrastination or procrastiner it is put to later what you can do on the same day, whether in work, daily tasks, writing, etc…

So effectively you are saying that you are not in this case because once you’re at your computer or in your notebook, you do not stop a minute ! No ?!

And yet at the end of 4 hours you do almost nothing written….don’t shy away from the reality ! You procrastinez !

Because in the end procrastiner is not a synonym ofinactivity , far from it. procrastiner it is, beyond put off till tomorrow what you can do on the same day, it is also to take care of everything except what we must do !

Example of procrastination

Lately I’ve received on the blog of messages from a user who asked me for information on the contracts between authors and producers, history does not have to ! Regardless of the approach seemed to me to be meaningless except that with a little digging I realized that he had not yet written his script…or thatit was just the beginning !

Our friend user was in full procrastination !

He put unconsciously writing her scenario for the care of a thing that does not happen until months later ! However, I am not questioning his good faith in question, I am sure that he said : “without this information, I’m not going to be able to write a line !

Unfortunately this is an excuse among many to push back the deadline.

If you follow this blog for a while, you know that the road to the obtaining ofan agreement with a producer is long. Write a short, a long, a series or a telefilm it is very long !

So, I announced what I tell you today, he was in full procrastination. It is, therefore, set to work.

Procrastiner and lack of confidence

Often the people affected by this evil…

…I say this wrong because procrastination rots the lives of many people and appears in different degrees : chronic delays, non-decision-making and to force them to always give to later… there comes a time where it is too late ! If you are in a company and that you have a boss, procrastination can cost you dearly.

In short, the people affected by this evil, as I said, hide often behind the excuse of being perfectionists !

But frankly how doyou improve something that you haven ‘t started , and even worse that you haven ‘t finished !

The presentation of the scenario or procrastination ultimate !

One of the traps in which we fall almost all (I did a part, I assure you) : It starts in front of his computer ,it launches Word or open office and….open safari or internet explorer to surf the internet in order to find the right way to present his scenario !

STOP ! Laughing totally of the presentation of the scenario ! You’re not going to read it tonight or tomorrow to a producer ?! Or a comedian ?!

Then write your story !

Forgiveness ! Before the procrastination of the presentation, I forgot about the procrastination of the title !

Often we open our word processing software and then it hangs on the title…obviously ! Impossible for us to start writing if we didn ‘t that great of a title for our project !!!!!

WE don’t CARE !

All of this is procrastiner ! All this exists for us to pollute it ! But most importantly, we procrastinons , because we are afraid !

procrastiner and the lack of self-confidence

It’s it is said ! You (I) procrastinez because you’re afraid ! You miss trust in you.

There it is the truth !

Unconsciously (or consciously for that matter) you ask yourself : “is what my story is going to please ? ” or “am I capable of writing ” etc…

The truth is that writing this is also give a part of ourselves. It is sometimes discover things about ourselves and it can also be scary !

But the most likely reason : it is the fear of failure.

So what should you do to avoid procrastination ?

– Write in a cellar, with a pen, a sheet of paper, no phone, no nothing except a light bulb on the ceiling.

LOL Ok , this is a bit extreme ! In addition to this, it’s not going to prevent you from procrastiner ! You will always find the means of escape : a spider that goes through there, the water flow noises, the sizzle of the bulb or the wandering of your mind…

Is there a solution against procrastination ?

Answer ! : Yes and no.

Yes, because you can organize your day and eliminate it from your place of work anything that could break your concentration : tv, console, phone, mail, social networks etc…

But the truth is that you will always find something as an excuse to not to put you to work.

I think the best way to avoid procrastiner it is your will. The willingness to take the plunge ! The will to focus a few hours in order to be able to write properly.

I advise you in a first time you set a given time. For example, you know that today you have 2 hours in front of you : no children, no boyfriend…no nothing !

And during those two hours, you’re going to write. Set a timer or alarm and then go to put on your timer at the end of the room, where you can’t see it (otherwise you’ll be tempted to watch the time scroll by ;o))

You will see, you will never have been so prolific. Once it worked, repeated the experience. You will see that force a gym will be set up as a kind of ritual that will allow you to get to work.

It is better to 1 hour or 2 hours of actual work as 4 hours of procrastination !!!

That’s it for this article, you now know what it is like to procrastiner. I found it important to talk about it, or even alert you !

Ah yes finally, once you have managed to write your story completely from A to Z (I insist : a beginning, a middle and an end), at this time there you can focus on the presentation of your scenario, give it a title and fill you in on how to find a producer, build a case etc…

In this case, these steps take all their meaning ;o)

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