produce a short film, the funding of cinema in Belgium

produire un court-métrage, les financements du cinéma en Belgique

Finance and produce a short film,

the funding of cinema in Belgium

Learn film and how to make a movie,

it is also interested in the financing of the film abroad.

It has now been several months that I had not written in this topic. I’m going to try to give tracks on the financing of the short film or film production for different countries.

Like many belgian users of ” How to Make A Movie , “I have requested information on how to finance and produce a short film in Belgium, this will be the first served. :o)

Belgium produced an average of a hundred short films per year, and fifty long.

The two main sources of funding come from the center of the cinema and the audiovisual (CCA) and the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF).

There are of course other ways to fund a short film or a long.

Centre for Cinema and Audiovisual (CCA)

In our case it is above all the FSB, (the selection commission of films) that support the production and post-production of short films in which we are interested.

Admission :

– Films of fiction or animation less than 60 minutes intended to be diffused in the room !

– be in SCRL, SA, SPRL or BVBA, whose registered office is in Belgium

– Be Belgian or a member of the European community

– Spend the full amount in Belgium

Selection : A committee of professionals meets in 2 colleges :

The First college for a first work,

The second college to the other.

There are three sessions per year.

The commission delivers an opinion on each project.

Amounts of aid : ATTENTION !

The assistance is given in the form of advances on recipe, payable on the first euro of profit.

The amount of 42 500 € for the films

The amount is 50 000 € for animated films


Contact : Ministry of the French community

General Service for Audiovisual and Multimedia

Bd Leopold II, 44

B-1080 Brussels

Tel: +00 32 2 413 35 02

Eve-Laure Avigdor

[email protected]



The public television co-produced a dozen short films a year, thanks to a special background.

Admission :

– Films of Fiction or animation in under 50 minutes and less than 5 minutes.

It is necessary to have a Co-production with Belgium (for the foreign projects).

– Corporations-profit or non-depositing their records that are reviewed twice a year.

– The project can be submitted only once

Aid amount : 5000 € in Co-production + € 75-minute pre-purchase.

Contact : RTBF

Arlette Zylberberg

Responsible Fiction

Box BRR056 – Office 7M22

Bd Reyers, 52

B – 1044 Brussels

Tel: + 00 32 737 25 17

Fréderique Larmagnac : [email protected]


The reception Desk of the filming of the provinces of Liège, Luxembourg and Namur only supports short films.

Admission :

– be Belgian

– Belgian Production (Co-production foreign possible)

– The shooting of Liège, Luxembourg or Namur

Amount of funding : 2000 € Max set in two times. Once after sightings = 500 €, the second payment at the delivery of the Master’s degree and verification of the presence of the CLAP in the credits = 1500 €

The folder should contain :

– Cover : the title, the name of the producer, holder of project (and co-producers, if any)

– A producer’s letter summarizing the strengths of the project

– A note of intention of the director

– The scenario of the film

– The financing plan and the certificates of financing the film

– The budget of the film

– The technical data sheets and artistic

– Cvs of the producers and director(s)

Contact : CLAP asbl

Rue des Croisiers, 17

4000 Liège

Tel: + 00 32 4 237 97 41


Province of Hainaut

This is the fund to help the provincial to the production of short films and documentaries. Since its creation in 2002 the fund has helped 45 short and feature documentaries.

Admission : – be du Hainaut or live in Hainault

– having its production based in the Hainaut

– Turn in the region of Hainaut

Amount of aid : 15 000 € Max

The folder should contain :

– the precise amount of the aid

– the synopsis

– the scenario

– the detailed estimate with the assessment of the expenditure in Hainaut

– a letter of commitment from broadcaster

– the notice of intent

– cv of the director

ATTENTION : Folder 5 copies of + 1 to send to the manager of production : Olivier Gicart to verify its compliance.

The records are to be sent with a letter of request to :

André Ceuterick

Hainaut Cinéma asbl

Rue Arthur Warocqué, 59

7100 La louvière

Tel: + 00 32 4 312 800

Mail : [email protected]

Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF)

The fund committee meets 4 times per year and maintains an average of twenty projects.

Admission : the Short films of Fiction or animation less than 25 minutes

Medium-length fiction or animation of 25 to 59 minutes

Amount of assistance :

– Short film fiction = 87 500 €

– Medium-length fiction = 300 000 €

– Short film animation : 175 000 €

– Medium-length animated film : 400 000 €


I do not know the contents of the folder.

Contact :

Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

Bischffsheimlaan 38

1000 Brussels

tel: + 00 32 2 226 06 30

[email protected]



As you can see, finance and produce a short film in Belgium is possible. It must of course, as with all commissions, develop a strong case, have association, association, or be produced by a Belgian producer.

But to a valiant heart nothing is impossible. I would nevertheless like to add one thing : Do finance ever of your own money in your project ! NEVER !

If you have other tracks to find the money, apart from the crowdfunding, I’m open ;o)


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Good Luck,

Tom Weil

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