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How to protect a scenario Part 1

Hello to all,

For this new article I thought that this topic : how to protect a scenario, was de rigueur. You may be (surely ;o) ) of the faithful readers of this site. You work hard, or you have already spent several months writing your script. Today you are ready ! You have to actually print and bind your copies, you have targeted the production companies for which you produce. Your notice of intent is refined and obviously you have done to correct the spelling of your folder about fifty times.

You have spent a countless number of phone calls to find out if these productions are open to new projects, in short you have done everything to put all the chances on your side.

Then as your hand slips off the first copy of your ” Baby “ distress comes to you….IS IT THAT MY HISTORY IS ENOUGH PROTECTED ? And if someone was stealing my story, my characters….and this wonderful idea that I had, and with whom I have lived all these long months ???? Then :

how to protect a script ?

Well I assure you most of us are asking the question well before ! ;o) but my desire is to do a little in the soap opera drama. It works not bad ?

This is not the first time that I say but an idea in itself does not make a film. Because of this, it is impossible to protect an idea for a scenario. What matters is the processing that you do, the story and the characters that you create. It yes you can protect it.

So how do you do ?

There are several solutions. Different organizations provide forms of deposits works. I’m not going to mention them all here. I don’t see the interest.

You can hear some people tell you that you can just send your scenario, sealing the envelope and not opening it ever…since the date of the postmark shall prevail.

Unfortunately this solution is not worth much. Nothing prevents you from doing it, it does not eat bread and the cost of operation is quite low. Just keep the envelope in a safe place. But once again, the legal value of this process is not very convincing.

Then how to protect a work ?

An agency offers you two ways to deposit since July 2012. The deposit SACD (physical) is the E-FOD (by internet). The SACD is today the best way to protect a screenplay, most screenwriters and filmmakers do not pass through them.

The physical deposit :

– You can send an email to : [email protected]

You will receive an envelope in which you slip your scenario (paper version or a USB key, cd, etc…). You specify the requested information : name of the authors as well as their signature etc…then you will return it to the service depot at the following address :

SACD 9 rue Ballu 75442 Paris cedex 09

You will accompany your sending a cheque made payable to the name of SCALA in the amount of 46 euros for a validity of 5 years. Beyond that, the renewal will not cost more than 23 euros. A few days later you will receive a number corresponding with the registration of your scenario and an invoice.

You can also make the deposit directly to the pole Authors and the users of the SACD : Same address as sending

– Opening hours : Monday to Thursday from 9H-17H, Friday 9H-16H

Here is the document explaining official of the SACD : http://www.sacd.fr/uploads/tx_sacdresources/g-depot.pdf

If you want to opt for the E-FOD

– Go to the website of the SACD :

– Create your account, upload your file (MAX 10 mb), made the regulations in line : it is 20 euros for 5 years and then 10 euro for a renewal. You will then receive by mail your Deposit number and the invoice.

– If you have multiple scenarios to be filed, the SACD offers a subscription to an amount of € 40 for 3 deposits.

Here is the Flyer E-fod : http://www.sacd.fr/uploads/tx_sacdresources/e_dpo_flyer072012.pdf

That’s it for this first part : how to protect a scenario. Very quickly, I have finished with other countries such as Belgium, Canada or even The United States.


Tom W.

Read part 2.

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