PURE-BLOOD, we complete well-horses – Review

The upscale neighborhoods of Connecticut, where PURE-BLOOD takes place, are places where terrible boring. Fortunately we met the gorgeous Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke.

Before anything else, there are two actresses. Two energies that coexist in the image, two beings of cinema whose magnétismes agree the time of a film, when one would have feared that they are devouring each other. Anya Taylor-Joy, a figure of a sphinx carved in white marble, facing Olivia Cooke, a piece of childhood lost in a world of adults. The next fawn to the first attempts to unravel the mysteries of face, ingenuous of the second. It supports the eyes, fills his eyes of the doll to abyss as black as those of his partner, and seeks in turn to solve the enigma of this strange swan-like haughty grace and so fragile. The confrontation between the two actresses is even more troubling that PURE-BLOOD was shot in 2016, we are to believe that the filmmaker Cory Finley had predicted that the two young women would appear today as the two actresses the most promising of their generation. Anya Taylor-Joy has set her eyes worrying at the service of The VVitch and Split ; Olivia Cooke has enriched Golem, the killer of London of her smiles désarmants. In both cases, their ambiguity, we were fascinated and we were ready for twenty years of thriller in the company of two wonders.

If it is guided by a narrative criminal, the film of Cory Finley appears, however, less as a thriller than as a tale of the cruel. The use of the killing is the moral issue main PURE-BLOOD, as much as he is the revealer of the natures human of its two main characters. But if moral concern there, and if it is to make, if not endearing, the less likely the behaviour of the two girls, not so monstrous as that, the director-writer chooses, however, to apply to his narrative, a treatment that is cold and detached, which makes this world of poor little rich all the more execrable. The goal of Finley is not to take up this microcosm golden brown on the slice, and to inflict upon him a judgment moralist, without nuance, it is rather to apply a layer of staging slyly abrasive, in a study of middle signed Brett Easton Ellis. Unlike the novels of Generation X, in these huge houses of the Connecticut filmed by Finley, where the cabins to UV are adjacent to the reproductions of impressionist paintings, is not violate each other, we don’t overdose or coma ethyl. We just get bored to death on a sofa, and it is already not bad as a demonstration of the emptiness of a life that is inert and anesthetized.This boredom is it enough to justify that thought deadly may develop in passage to the act with our two teenage girls ? This is where all the interest in the interactions of the duo where each benefits from the dark of the other, to the point where we no longer really know who has begun to manipulate the other first, and that it would be hard to deduce who will be able to take advantage of the situation in the end. Finley has had the intelligence and the finesse not to consider this formidable duo as the alliance character very opposite, bringing a dynamic to be a caricature, of those that borrows openly to Diaboliques (Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955) the formula leader determined/ partner insecure, as is often countered by the same logic, the hair color of two characters of the formula.

Finley has chosen two psychological profiles are interesting, which complement each other without the need to oppose in manichean. The strange impression that they live in two different worlds while living in the same decor, invites us immediately to ask us how they will come closer together and that they will be able to share. PURE-BLOOD works as well on the paradox of the relationship between the two young monsters : the one with psychosis white is it deliberately by empathy for the one who uses them for his own selfish purposes ? The egoist does she need to commit this violent act and immoral to find someone who understands and that she ends up almost by understand ? And if it remains a part of misunderstanding, a distance, a fundamental difference between the psychological profiles, the act which is the result of this story is cynical, and unhealthy, is it not, paradoxically, be regarded as the expression, the most striking of the friendship ? Troubling case.


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PURE-BLOOD, we complete well-horses – Critical
Original title :Thoroughbreds

Achievement :Cory Finley

Scenario :Cory Finley

Main actors :Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor-Joy and Alton Yelchin

Release Date :June 27, 2018

Duration : 1h32min
3.0final Note
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