RGPD and your personal

RGPD et vos données personnelles

How to Make A Movie, and the General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD)


How to Make A Movie is put in agreement with the RGPD

At CFUF, we are aware that everyone has the right to his own secret garden !

We are also aware that you repeat over and over e-mails & other articles on the RGPD for a few weeks.

As founder and director of How to Make A Movie, and proclaimed Data Officer & Data Protection Officer in Cheeky Productions, a new entity that manages the sites and blog : www.commentfaireunfilm.com, cheeky-productions.com and scenario+, I’m in the “obligation” to do the same but promised, I’ll try to make it short, clear, concise and even interesting for you, our users – even if it is not always easy with this kind of subject…

To refresh your memory, for certain, you receive my newsletters because you have downloaded one of my guides :

  • Your first steps as a screenwriter
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These guides give according to me the essential foundation to learn how to write and produce a film.

By downloading your guide, you have left us to receive it :

  • Your e-mail address
  • And/Or your first name

At the same time you have agreed to receive regular information from us, such as :

  • Of newsletters
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All this on the subject of the writing, the design and the cinema in general.

Will I start !

What is the RGPD?

As many of you know, on may 25, 2018 latter came into force on the RGPD (General Regulation on Data Protection) !

Below is the official definition from the CNIL (This is the part of pompous and institutional of the article)

The RGPD is a regulation adopted by the EU in 2016 for entry into force in may 2018. It aims to align the governance of personal data within member countries of the EU, but not only, it must also be adopted by any individual dealing with of personal data or of sensitive data of a person residing in the European Union.

The 3 main objectives of the RGPD are :

  1. Empower the actors who process personal data
  2. Be transparent about the use made of these data
  3. Strengthen the confidence of any person who entrusts personal data and wants the respect of his rights and of his private life

A ” personal data “ is ” any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person “.

A person can be identified

  • Directly (example : last name, first name) ;
  • Indirectly (for example, by an id (customer id), a number (of the phone), a biometric data, a number of elements specific to his physical identity, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social, but also the voice or image).

The identification of a natural person may be made

  • From a single given (example : social security number, DNA) ;
  • From the intersection of a set of data (example : a woman living at this address, born on such a day, subscribed to such a magazine, and a militant member in such association).

And How to Make A Movie in all this ?

There promised I’ll make more cool and fun ;o) and more concrete !

When you read our TOU (terms and Conditions of use (something that you have done, I am sure ! Isn’t it ?! I thought so !), you can see that we comply already with the regulations of the law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978.

Then necessarily, as I like to tell my life, I decided, in addition to updating our TOS (which you’ll read as soon as you’ve completed this article ?! BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO STRONG !), we will now add a full page on our commitments to be the ” RGPD Compliant “, that is to say, consistent RGPD (but as you speak fluent English no need to translate ;o))

Feel responsible, why ?

Everyone has the right to respect for his private life. How to Make A Movie is first and foremost a service, I will even say a set of services and supports for YOU and rest assured that no personal data has not and will not be used for you to serve ! I am assuming that I hate it, so the others too !

But how can you be transparent ?

By creating a new page devoted to our actions for the RGPD. Available here!!

Strengthen the confidence !

Even if you know that you already have confidence in us, you can always do more ! And to strengthen this confidence, already great, between you and us, be aware that the only data that are transmitted to us by your care are those useful to the service provided.

    • Each user of How to Make A Movie has the right to be forgotten in our systems
    • Each user of How to Make A Movie has also the right to ask us the information that we have on him
    • Each user of How to Make A Movie is to know how Cookies are being used (on the page terms and conditions of the site)
    • Each user of How to Make A Movie can know with which partners we interact with , to provide our services on the page dedicated to the RGPD
    • Each user of How to Make A Movie can subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Newsletter at their leisure

And in terms of Communication ?

I’m not going to hide it, I was a little scared at the beginning have to break all ties with you, but this is not the case. When you are registered on How to Make A Movie to receive the newsletter and the guides you have been asked to confirm your registration. This is called the double Opt-in. That is to say that person is not put on CFUF as the one they have not confirmed their address via the confirmation email we send them.

This is why people who tell me from time to time : “I never registered…. “are :

  • Is living with Alzheimer’s
  • Were either drunk or drugged
  • Are either of bad faith…(But that I doubt it !)

On the other hand, we inform you that you can, at any time, unsubscribe from the newsletter (link below).

And request the modification or deletion of your personal information by sending us an e-mail to :[email protected]

That’s it for this article on : The RGPD and your personal data.

Next week I will reserve a section just nine.

Good weekend,





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