Sheet character, Card of identity of the characters

Fiche personnage, Carte d’identité des personnages

Make a file character

Create strong characters and unforgettable


You just define your own history with its beginning, middle and end. Your main characters have a name, a mission, events, insi as allies and enemies. It’s not bad at all ?!

But do you know your or your heroes ? As well as all the other characters in your story ?

  • Are they ?
  • what is their background ?
  • how did they get there ?
  • what are their character traits ?
  • their education ?
  • their reports to the other ?

I’d love to be there to see your head ! Why he wants to know all of this ? I set myself a certain time to admit that it was a crucial step. Never lose sight of the fact that all of these steps are here to make you save time, even if you’re in the mood to rush right to the’write your scenario. Believe me, your movie, you write it by answering all of these questions. We go back to the error write your scenario immediately by the continuity of dialogue. To discover her own character as the writing progressed, may lead to inconsistencies of response, of language, of judgment… and put on the ground while your scenario.

There is nothing more frustrating than to hear a reader (producer for example) you say ” this is not logical the way it is / or speaks). And you’re back to the point of departure !!!!

Give a past to the characters will help you understand his reactions in the future. It is simply a biography. With his background, his psychological profile, his habits, his habits, its tics of language, level of study etc…. But the main trait of your character are his actions. This will portray a universe and give a consistency to all of your characters, and especially a manner of speaking. In fact if your hero is a university, it will be a language supported, a family situation, or will be, of a shyness that is typical of rats of library, can be a home. He may like to be gardening etc….

Let’s take an example (I like it) : The raiders of The lost ark / crusaders of the lost ark. When you discover for the first time in Indiana, we discover that a part of his body, his clothes (hat, whip) and then at the end in his face. It happens in front of the cave and all the natives are running away. It is there he enters the cave, he soon finds himself alone.

In a few lines of scenario says it all or almost. It is a adventurer, mysterious, who is not afraid of anything, or at least who is not afraid in this situation because the more intelligent than the natives. It avoids the pitfalls, lack of perish, but survives (ben yes it is the hero). And then we find him at the university, giving courses in archaeology. So this is actually someone educated and who has success with girls, so women, etc….

ATTENTION : do not overdo it either. You’re not an anthropologist. You do not do a behavioral study. You should not invent a whole life, don’t waste your time either. Here are some tracks :

  • last name, first name, age
  • his size, his hair, his handicaps (crutches, glasses, dentures etc)
  • the’psychological aspect, his character : shy, brave, frustrated, etc….
  • category social studies, is he rich or poor ?
  • where does he live ? : house, apartment, tenant, landlord
  • married ? children ? if not why ? (lifestyle choice ?) if that woman is deceased or is divorced to know why or how.
  • its relationship to the other ? nice, does he have friends ? asocial ?
  • does he have family ?
  • his job
  • her look dress
  • his sentence or its maxim favorite
  • etc….

Make a card character or if you prefer an identity card for each character. Write a few lines for the psychological aspect, their traits, characters etc..so that we understand who they are. There is no’ambiguity. The more thorough you are, the more thewriting will be easy. For the psychological aspect, take only one character trait, don’t you fool not.

This trait will also allow you to develop your character.

  • If he is agoraphobic at the beginning of the film, to get through a packed stadium during a pursuit, for example, may be enjoyable for the viewer. See the hero overcome his demons, there is nothing better.
  • He was beating by the same kid for years. The fact that he is again to confront him a few years later, and that’it is so victorious is the best effect. This gives a sense of satisfaction far from the spectators and allow for strong identification.

Don’t make a superman/ or a human rag. Don’t forget that the film is intended for spectators. If there is not a minimum of identification, it will not work. It is necessary that he is like us in his way to act or flee, even if they live extraordinary adventures.

Take as much time for your main characters to the side or the enemies. Hitchcock said ” the more a villain is successful, the more the film is good “. A villain who is inconsistent in his acts will not work.

Let’s say your villain is a killer without mercy. When running it makes no differences between men, women and children, unless in the way you create your character you enter, that as a child he was witness to the murder of his younger brother. Killed a child would be for him a thing unthinkable. As if he himself had killed. This can bring in the story a conflict between his art and his psychological side.

Just like your hero, please don’t hesitate to sow a part dark, you will be able to develop. Come to grips with its own demons, its own contradictions. Never lose sight of its evolution and its purpose. I insist but it is the most important point ! For the viewer, it is important that the hero changes, it allows him to live vicariously, via the identification. You even, I’m sure you’re already out of a dark room filled with blocks, ready to change yourself. Not ? I bet that if ; (o) the identification is due to the work done through the card character.

I always try to be as clear as possible in my explanations but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave me a little message.

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Good Luck,

Tom Weil

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