Short film : I’m here Spike Jonze

Most of the time, these are the films that make me love new music, new composers or groups. This is how I discovered Yann Tiersen (Le fabuleux destin d’amélie Poulain, Good Bye Lenin), Alex Beaupain (love songs), or the group Lali Puna (the consequences of love)… a few weeks ago, this is exactly the opposite as it was happening.

Looking for something new to listen to on Deezer, I stumbled on the B. O of the film , I’m here, the short film directed by Spike Jonze. Enjoying the universe of the director (In the skin of John Malkovich, and Max maximonstres…), I am left to try, and then get sucked into a dream world, powerful and wonderful.

One thing led to another, I wanted to see the movie. Performed in response to a command of a famous brand of Vodka, I’m here tells the love story of two robots living in Los Angeles. Fans of Spike Jonze will find everything on the leg of the producer, but will certainly be disappointed by a film fun but lacking in ambition,both in script and visually. The B. O. is in the end really what is best in this movie. For those who would be tempted by the adventure, simply launch the player below !

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