Shrek 4 – It Was An End : Making-Of (VF/HD)

Check out the making-of focuses on Alain Chabat – Shrek 4 – Il Etait come to An End…

So here is a making-of exclusive starring Alain Chabat, on the occasion of the exit of Shrek 4 – It Was An End.

Output June 30, 2010 ! In 3D-equipped rooms.

A film by Mike Mitchell.

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About the film : After defeating an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and the kingdom of his parents, that can still make a ogre smelly and badly licked ? Tamed, quieted, Shrek has lost until the urge to roar and regrets the good old times when he sowed terror in the kingdom. Today, such an idol fallen, he is happy to sign autographs at tower arms. Too sad…

It is then that the clever and devious Tracassin offered him a contract. Shrek suddenly finds himself transported into a parallel world completely crazy, where ogres are hunted, where Tracassin is king, where Fiona and her beloved does not ever encountered…

Shrek will he succeed in thwarting the spell, ironing boards on the other side of the mirror, to save his friends, restore his world and reclaim the love of his life ?

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