Skilleezee, free school of cinema, animation and Comics

Skilleezee, école gratuite de cinema, d’animation et de Bd

SKILLEEZEE the first free online school

To learn the crafts of cinema, animation and Comics


Since 5 years this project is a dream and he is about to become a reality but for that I need your help. It will take you 3 minutes of your time…Nothing more.

Why 3 minutes ?! Because I am participating in a contest of startup in which the selections are to the number of votes. I did contribute my professional network and private. Thanks to them we are 4th on 378 !! Thanks to you we can be first, but the time plays against us, because there are no more than a few days !!

Why a school ?!

It was under my eyes since all this time and I didn’t see it ! How to Make A Movie is a bible, a mine of information. But as I said to a friend director : “you have to go farther.” I didn’t understand this sentence. It took me several months to understand.

And then the obvious came to me. I said to myself : “You’ve written hundreds of articles, your subjects are of interest to more thana half-million people per year ! And if we allowed them to train for real, give them a diploma, to enable them to do it for free and let’s be crazy let’s help them to find a job ! “

SKILLEEZEE was born ! Why SKILLEEZEE ? Has Skill in English is a skill, a talent.

I want to expand the knowledge in animation and the Comics. I couldn’t find a name reducer such as : School, cinema etc…Why EEZEE ? With my partner we wanted Easy (easy French), but the vultures of the domain names had already been registered. We decided to play on the sound : IZI (EEzEE English, with 2 E to support i). SKILLEEZEE it is a school that allows you to train, improve your skills easily.

But why a school ??????

Because education is one of the central concerns of our society. But it is that we need a real structure for you to be able to train you in the rules of art…Even if that ” structure “ is in line. Because it’s a form of “legal” to be able to graduate the students who will follow the training within Skilleezee.

A school of what ?!

And no !

This school wants to reduce the inequality in the trades, technical and artistic cinema, animation and Comics.

In addition, this school will be made as to professionals of these sectors. We do not want the “theorists”, but people who are known and recognised in their professions and in the middle. In addition we wish to be accessible by all.


  • All those who believe, as we do, that art should not be only taught to people who have the financial resourcess to pay for the lessons or who are in “the good city” , the right area or the right country.
  • This includes : The passionate, self-learners, professionals, students etc…


I come in part to respond to it…We want to ensure that nobody is left out. This means :

  • The French
  • The French-speaking (regardless of their country)
  • Other countries

Whether you’re in Belgium, in France, in the DRC, in French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Germany, Morocco, Vietnam etc…You have the right to be trained or to increase your (your) Skill (Talent, skill).

You have the talent and we will do everything so that you can uncover.



The employment must be one of our priorities and allow the companies with whom we work to discover your talent. This is why the school will be linked to certain groups, production companies, so that you can more easily reach.


Why look elsewhere for what you already have ?! Skilleezee going to need people to exist. According to our forecast we will need to hire permanent 30 people in 3 years and close to 10 equivalents, full-time, year among the intermittents. 30 jobs created in us ! All this without counting the additional jobs, thanks to our training and the partnerships we have.


I participate in the contest ” THE MANUFACTURES AVIVA ” which allows multiple “Startups” or projects to have a financial boost to create the first jobs.

Before to be able to defend his project in front of a jury there is a selection of the number of votes. The more you use, the more we will have a chance to ” put the world ” in this school.

IT is NECESSARY to VOTE FOR SKILLEEZEE and after I took care of the rest ! I will take care to convince the jury that such a school needs to exist !!!

Each person (and therefore you) has 10 points to assign. I ask you to give us your 10 points.

We are 4th ! Every vote counts and we can be 1er ! The voting ended on the 10th of April at 12 o’clock…Every day counts and I ask you to mobilize.

How to do it ?

Follow the link by clicking here or on the button to VOTE NOW, You will arrive on this page :

Where you need to click on “Log in”.

Then you arrive on this page

You have 2 choices : either you connect with Facebook (faster) or by e-mail by clicking on register.

If you connect with facebook : Click the ” register with fb.

You arrive on this page :

1) just put your date of birth

2) click on “I have read and I accept the conditions. “

Then in the bottom right of the page click on “Finalize your registration”

You return on the page of SKILLEEZEE and you can now vote : Page8.

Simply drag the cursor from left to right (10) and click on ” Vote “

And here the turn is played ! It does you rest more than to share and ask your friends to vote for their turn !


1) If you do not have an account Facebook, just click on register and put your e-mail address.

2)Wait for the confirmation e-mail and watch if it does not arrive in your SPAM folder.

3) click on the link that will be inside the mail, and then return : SKILLEEZEE to find the project.

4) drag the slider from 0 to 10 to set the maximum votes

5) click on vote

6) share ;o)

Thank you all for playing the game and help this school ” SKILLEEZEE “ see the light of day very soon.

The launch is scheduled for September 2018.


I’m counting on you like never before. This is a project…A big project that can change a lot of things that can change the lives of many of the world regardless of their age, their country, their social level or their geographical location…

That’s it for this article on : SKILLEEZEE participates in the manufactures Aviva.


Please do not hesitate to ask your questions or your comments under this article.

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Happy new year ! Soon


PS : SKILLEEZEE will be available on : www.skilleezee.com, register on the site to be kept informed.


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