Southland Tales : Born under a bad star

“It’s about a weekend of 4 of July when everything starts to spin for good… “ says Richard Kelly, the director of Southland Tales

Southland Tales, in competition at the Cannes film Festival 2006, was screened in avant-première, on may 21, 2006. Distributed by the company Sony, the latter requested the director to review the timeline of the movie before distribution in theaters. The film was released in the United States on November 16, 2007 and in the United Kingdom on 7 December 2007. And it was released in France on march 25, 2009… DVD. No distribution has been done on the big screen in our dear and beautiful country.

Yet, it all had the air of success about this film : the director of Donnie Darko, a casting very djeunz (Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Kevin Smith, Justin Timberlake), no, we do not understand too much, to tell the truth.

Don’t worry, you will be entitled shortly in the review of the film on the Blog of The Film !

The pitch : in 2008, California. A nuclear attack surprise has precipitated America into the war. To address the shortage of fuel, the company’s US-ident develops a generator of inexhaustible energy, which works on the flow of the Ocean but alters imperceptibly the rotation of the Earth. Soon, the reality is disrupted, in particular the lives of the actor action amnesiac Boxer Santaros, ex-star of the X-Krysta Now and twin brothers Roland and Ronald Taverner, whose destiny is intertwined with that of humanity as a whole.

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