Studio Ciné Live #14 / April 2010

Here is a summary of the last Studio Ciné Live

The cover is none other than “the” movie that made the buzz of the moment, Alice In Wonderland. We are entitled to 13 full pages dedicated exclusively to the last Tim Burton. Note a poignant and amazing open letter from Johnny Depp to Tim Burton , dating back to may 2005.

Beautiful photos, those of César 2010, with a small portfolio. Of Tahar Rahim in Jacques Audiard’s, passing by Sigourney Weaver, Melanie Laurent or Isabelle Adjani.

Finally, the actu web of the month, restricted to the universe of Facebook and its pages, “fan” regarding the release of films. An extra solution and very easy to make the promo of the upcoming films.

Don’t miss out on the next month, Luc Besson, who will be editor-in-chief of the magazine !

  • The earth rotates

The news of movies filming anywhere on the planet

  • News

The portfolio of the big winners of the Caesar and all that has marked the news this month

  • Has the poster

You can find all the reviews of all the movies of the month, our favorites and our rants !

  • On the cover : Alice In Wonderland

Open letter from Johnny Depp to Tim Burton, Interview with Tim Burton, Alice in the country of the special effects

  • Focus

Pascal Elbé interviewed by Roschdy Zem, Vanessa Paradis, Christophe Lambert, Judith Godrèche, Jonathan Zaccai, All That Glitters

  • Casting

Madeline Zima, Audrey Lamy, Marimar Vega, Arthur Dupont, Abraham Belaga, Marc-André Grondin, Jules Pelissier, Qin Hao, Tan Zhuo, Chen Sicheng

  • Investigation

What will change Avatar in Hollywood

  • Shooting

The Noise Of The Ice Cubes

  • Log

The Rabbi’s Cat

  • The lesson of cinema

Olivier Dahan

  • Myth Parade

John Huston

  • Flash-back

Bad Lieutenant

  • L. A. confidential

Each month, the actu jet lag live from Los Angeles

  • Bonus

T. V. : Belleville Story, Carousel

The best blogs ciné

DVD / Blu-ray : Kidnapping, Away We Go, 500 Days Together

The actu records, and books

  • Forum

Jean Reno in the face to readers of Studio Cine Live , for his role in The Immortal of Richard Berry

  • Trailer

What you can read in the next issue of Studio Ciné Live

  • Mr. +

The chronicle of Pierre Lescure

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