The american actor David Carradine dies at 72 years

One comes to learn of the death of actor David Carradine

The series Kung Fu was made known to the general public. Then it was the turn of films like Bertha Boxcar to Martin Scorsese, The Private of Robert Altman, the Egg Of The Snake of Ingmar Bergman to follow his career.

Quentin Tarantino gave her in track in 2003 with Kill Bill. You will be able to see in Hyper Tension 2 which will be released on 19 August.

The actor was found hanged in his hotel room in Bangkok. A sexual act that went wrong would be blamed.

“A rope was fastened around his neck and another to his sexual organ, and the two were linked together and hung in the closet” we know the general Worapong Siewpreecha of the metropolitan police in Bangkok. “In these circumstances, we can not be sure that he committed suicide, but he was able to die of masturbation”.

Porntip Rojanasunan, an expert forensic pathologist, concluded that the death of the actor would be caused by an “accident, auto-erotic” before adding “This is not a suicide or a murder, but he died (…) after masturbation”.

It was in the middle of filming Stretch of Charles De Meaux, produced and distributed by MK2.

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