The anniversary party of the Club 300 Allociné as if you were there

As a result of our contest “the fastest answers” we would like to thank all the participants who were unfortunately not able to attend this special evening anniversary of the Club 300 ofAllociné.

This is why we have decided to do a quick balance of the evening.

So we had an appointment yesterday evening at 19: 45 at the Forum des Images for the before-first Up There, the new jewel of studios Pixar.

And there, the first surprise, one of the members ofAllociné has had the immense honour to visit the studios Pixar, but especially to shoot these places that few people can boast of having seen it up close or far away. Thus, Pete Docter and Bob Peterson in person, we have done (through the camera) a little tour of their humble abode : restaurant, games room, big open spaces, the hall impresses as much as it marvels at our child’s soul that lies dormant in us. It is this same soul that ecstasy when one discovers the offices of the creators at Pixar : each develops in its own way its little corner of paradise to be the most comfortable as possible to be creative 100%. The palm back to the office that at first sight there is nothing exceptional as very conventional, except for the bust which when manipulated, gives way to a secret room hidden behind a wall. In it is a bar, a sofa, all the comfort what ! Guys !

After this little excursion to San Francisco, the second surprise of the part ofAllociné : 10 people are selected at random for the chance to win an album special Up There, signed by Pete Docter in person and who does not come, unfortunately never in France. Everyone must give the name of one of the characters in the film Pixar selected. The first, which blocks, or which gives a wrong answer is eliminated, and so on, because there can be only one looks like Connor Macleod. The participants still received a small reward : a ball (in reference to Up There) and a T-Shirt Allociné, it is already that !

After this game, Allociné has had the pleasure to show us the new design that he wears at the beginning of September : the V6. It has the ambition to be more fluid, more clear, more elegant. In one and the same page, you will find all the necessary information for our site navigation. In addition to these changes a heading ” recommendation “, which, according to the reviews you’ve written and the ratings on the movies, give you your chance of loving the film and chooses a heading “friends” which shows us if one of your friends of the site like or hate the movie.

After, the lights fade, the chatter giving way to silence and Up There starts…

A critique will appear on The Blog in the Cinema soon so please be patient but I can already tell you that the new Pixar is confusing, deep, a small revolution in itself.

To finish off the evening with a cocktail in the company of the team ofAllociné by way of goodbye as the season of the Club 300 is on holiday, well-deserved up to the start of the year.

Well, that’s all for this little excursion in an unforgettable evening, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the horizon.

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