the Blog of The Cinema presents Cinetrafic

Cinetrafic is not just another site, dedicated to the seventh art Not, he is more grounded than ever in the web 2.0. Discovery…

Cinetrafic is a new website dedicated to the Cinema :

The site offers you to share your tastes in Cinema and to discover films by traveling simply and quickly in the world of Cinema.

You can organize your favorite movies, movies to see, find your snippets from favorite movies, create and discover lists of movies and a lot of other things !

Cinetrafic also offers you, by way of a status associated with your profile to share your ” last good movie “.

There are already nearly 30, 000 movies, 5 000 videos and hundreds of lists of films to discover on the site.

If you want to be part of this adventure, please do not hesitate to register at this address :

Cinetrafic also has a Facebook :

Partner of the Blog of the Film, Cinetrafic will share with you each week, via an article on our site, a small editorial out of the week. You will also be able to recover all or part of the critical Cinema of the Blog Cinema on Cinetrafic.

Come and join us and become our friend at this address :

Good discovery of the service and a good trip on Cinetrafic !

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