The course of a few great directors

What route do when you want to become a film director ? I presented to you recently the best film schools in the United States today. But the rankings are sometimes made on criteria that is not representative of the success as a producer of the students. It is often enough to have good equipment, some partnerships are large-scale and low unemployment for students leaving the school… Even if they don’t become filmmakers !

It is therefore a good idea to look at the journey of renowned directors around the world in order to have an idea about the schools that allow you to stand out, get noticed and become among the filmmakers who matter. Of course, school is not everything, and it is especially the work and talent that will make the success of someone. But it must start with something !

Eastern Europe, the source of directors of engineering

Europe Is, as we know, is more and more popular by the hollywood studios (and even French) for filming their productions. The reasons for this ? The first is, of course, the costs are extremely low shoots. The second is the growing magnitude of these markets, especially Russia. This can therefore be a bet a good idea to study and work in these countries for the future while learning Russian.

And in fact, the eastern Europe and its schools have already allowed filmmakers to get noticed. Thus, Roman Polanski, no less, has studied at Lodz in Poland while Emir Kusturica has made its product ranges at the FAMU in Prague.

Los Angeles stronger than New York, thanks to the USC

Of course, one of the destinations privileged to work in the cinema today are still the United States. But what city, and, more importantly, what school has released the most renowned directors ?

Among the directors in the activity, Ang Lee, Joel Coen, Louis Leterrier, or even Marc Forster studied at New York University. By way of comparison, the department of Cinema and Television of the University of South California has attracted a pretty incredible filmmakers who have pierced the “highest level” : Gregg Araki, John Carpenter, Ron Howard, Doug Liman, George Lucas, Jay Roach, Walter Salles, Bryan Singer, Jon Turteltaub, Lee Unkrich, Robert Zemeckis… A list that makes you dream !

The location of this school seems to be the definitive benchmark of training in cinema today. But with the explosion of new markets such as Russia and China, it may be interesting to anticipate student in one of these new regions of the world cinema.

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