The Festivals of category 1 and using the CNC to the shorts

This report addresses two subjects that are vital to a filmmaker who has already directed her first film. Discover how to take advantage of the aid offered by the CNC following the completion of a short film. In a second time, check out the list of the film Festivals category 1 in France and Abroad, which enable you to get the support of the CNC.

Succeeding in making a short film is not always an easy task. Let’s say rather, in achieving a high-quality, because everyone can bring a camera today. There is a need to find the funding, the technicians, the actors, sometimes a production… It is a real quest that can sometimes be put in place. So much to say that when it comes to do a second, even if one is more honed than before, this does not necessarily of course. However, this can be a spot more simple, thanks to financial assistance from the CNC.

Few people know this, but the CNC provides funding, very interesting for budding video directors who have made a short film. This assistance is attributed on a monthly basis by a commission, the very aptly named ” Commission for assistance after realizing the short films “. This makes it possible to facilitate the most complicated in the realization of a short film : find the money.

What is interesting with this help, it is that it is very well distributed and easy to access. At least, the conditions to qualify are relatively easy to complete. Nevertheless, it must fulfil certain conditions to certify a “artistic side” of the work. After deliberation and if the aid is granted, the developer perceives in the worst case 30% of the funding provided if it is supported by a professional production. It can of course affect more ; this is decided by a discussion between the two parties. In the case where it is not supported by pros, it affects the entire help.

This is according to a scale qualitative measures to encourage the risk that the aid is granted. It takes a set number of points, calculated according to several factors and scales. Everything is presented in detail here.

To be eligible, there are of course a number of criteria to fill. Thus, the work must meet three conditions obvious :

  • Have a format unit of less than 60 minutes, regardless of the type (fiction, animation, creative documentary, essay, experimental)
  • The film must be fully completed and have a visa of exploitation of the current year.
  • When it comes to fiction, the language should mostly be in French, unless an exception is exceptional.

For applicants, there are two cases : if there is a production company or not. In the first case, it is once again Vive la France – it is, after all, a public aid. Thus it is necessary that the enterprise has the status of a producer is established in France and the officers are French or come from a european state.

What interests us more here is the case where there is not. After all, this is not a company who will come in and read this paper, but you, young director in the making. And once again the director must be French or european citizen, and especially the film must have been selected in festivals category. There are three other conditions – it is necessary to answer at least one of them – but the most accessible and the most simple is that. All the details are on the website of the CNC.

The festivals of category 1 are a list of festivals to be established by the CNC, which allow to be able to claim this assistance. There in France and also abroad, which can be used to qualify.

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