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Check out our selection of the best film schools free in France to become a director without breaking the bank !

All the world knows, to become a director or work in the audiovisual sector, the best way is to go through a school. This guaranteed training and learning, as well as a reputation and a network for some of them. But everyone also knows, many of these schools are expensive, and not everyone can not go there because of the prices displayed.

So useless to give up her dream and give up to integrate a prestigious school ! Money is often an issue, but here it will not be. There are in fact very good – some of the best even – film schools free or at a really least, the equivalent of a university tuition.

So far, enrollment in these schools is obviously very hard and selective. The contest is complicated, and there are few spots for a lot of candidates. This is not to say that you don’t try, just that it’s going to be laborious. But the difficulty is not a problem when one wants to become a director is not it ? Give up at the first obstacle would be proof that you are not made to do this.

Among these means of training for free, there are a few universities that ensure a professional large – Paris 8 for example, or the BTS audiovisual. These are good ways, but not worth a special school, without a doubt, the best of the options. So here is a list of the ones that are most interesting.

Best film schools free


Without a doubt the film school-the most prestigious of France, although some will find it a little ” old France “. In spite of everything, this is one of the best training courses and ensures that the output of a network and a reputation. Several courses are available at the FEMIS to cover almost all trades of cinema, ranging from the realization, in the script, creation of sets tv, distribution, assembly and many others. Training courses are between 1 and 4 years.

To integrate the FEMIS, it is necessary to pass very selective and already have a bac+2. The tuition fees do not add up to 433 euros a year, which is the price of a university because of his attachment to the ministry of culture. More fellows are exempt. Thus, the school is selective but not elitist.

More info on the website of the FEMIS


National Superior school Louis Lumière is one of the oldest film schools of France, but also one of the best of them, and without a doubt, one of the most technical. She is also a very great reputation will also have its students. There are in this school three different majors : film, sound and photography. It delivers a diploma equivalent to a Master’s degree.

ENSLL integrates following a competition in three stages, and, once again, places are in high demand. It is necessary as with the FEMIS already have a Bac+2 to present. The school depends on the ministries of national Education and higher Education, as well as the registration fees are of 300 euros, to a suite free of charge.

More info on the website of the ENSLL

The school of the city

This is the most recent of the schools of cinema and without a doubt, one of the most ” popular “. Imagined and created by Luc Besson, the school offers two courses, one of author/screenwriter and the other of achievement. The courses take place in two years.

The goal is not to be selective, even if the number of available places and candidates it is, but to accept everyone on the basis of motivation and creativity. The tests are concrete and practical, and are more profiles more than capacity. The aim is to give a chance to everyone. Also no degree is required, and the school is completely free.

More info on the school of the city


This school is very academic, as created by the university of Toulouse. This is not to say that it is not of high quality. It provides in effect a good education and is recognized. It delivers a professional bachelor’s degree in creative computer graphic design applied to audiovisual as well as a master’s 2 degree in audiovisual creation.

To get into this school, it is necessary to already have a bac+2. The admission is done on the application file and on the proofs. As it depends on the university, it costs only a 404 euros, and the stock market are exempt.

More info on the ESAV

Ina Sup

There are no schools with names that are impressive and worth the shot in the film. Ina Sup is also highly professional, with several types of training in the audiovisual sector, including BTS that are totally free.

The selection will be made on folder and competitions. Most of the diplomas are free of charge. The Master, however, are 1750 euro, even though the fellows are exempt.

More info on Ina Sup.

There are only 5 schools, but there are others such as, CinéFabrique, the CEEFA, or the european institute of writing and audiovisual. There are also very good BTS that are not to disparage, although their reputation is less important. Schools free film are not the most numerous, but there are enough for each of them is trying his luck.

It is easy to understand as well as joining a film school does not request necessarily to have a bank account filled or getting into debt over 10 years. The willingness and desire can be sufficient to go back in some of the major film schools and offer a quality training. Of course, the selection is harsh, but if some do, you can also get there ! There is no point to be discouraged, it is necessary to believe in yourself otherwise nobody will do it. Except for some fee-paying schools, which believe they are very easy to take you money.

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