The living room of the filming locations and professionals

Le salon des lieux de tournage et des professionnels

The living area of the filming locations


Tuesday 02/02 and Wednesday, 03/02, I had the chance to accompany an exhibitor at the salon of the places of filming which was held at the Carreau du temple in the 3th to Paris. This has allowed me to meet quite a number of people …of professionals, associations, regions, funds, aid, rental, etc…

And you, where were you ??

I can’t stop you tell you to move, to meet people, to turn your movies at all costs…The show places of shooting would have had to be a place where we should/ could we meet. By going in this room you would have to leave with ideas, contacts, partners…

… a beginning of necessary network for your passion and your career.

While it is true that this salon does not accept “almost” as professionals, but not only ! I have met associations of filmmakers, apprentices, directors, authors…sometimes It takes daring to succeed.

The living area of the scene of shootings, what is it ?

It is a salon organized for the regions to be able to present their backgrounds as well as their political home shoots. But also allow studios, professional, intermittent, service providers, show their expertise, their services.

This allows all those who are eager to discover new places or elements unknown to most emblematic places, such as, for example, turn to the Eiffel Tower, in airports, prisons etc… to meet key people right away. To discover and make contact with providers of filming without any intermediary.

This year there were more than 116 exhibitors !

And you know what ? The entry was free !!!

Associations that are worth gold

Up his technical team , or to find contacts to successfully integrate a filming it is extremely complicated when you do not know anyone…true or not ?! Of course it’s true ! So why not meet with the pros live ? This is what this show allowed (allows). Several professional associations were there !

These associations are worth gold because they are intermittent, which come to represent their association. You have, therefore, no intermediary between you and the person you want to reach !

To find a position on a shoot, there is nothing better than knowing the chief of the sector that you want to integrate or the director of production…

ADP (Association of production managers)

This association represents 80 production managers, that they make the feature film or telefilm.


AFAR (French Association of assistant directors)

This association exists since 1998, and now has 128 members , of which 58 first assistants who make the long, telefilm, pub, etc…


AFR (Association Française des régisseurs cinema and audiovisual)

Established in 2006, it already has 80 members consisting of managers and assistants. In contrast to theAFAR, whose members are a little more focused on Paris, theAFR breaks down a little more on the whole territory.

You will have understood all of these professionals were there, availableto rrespond to all your questions ;o)

Commissions for your projects

Beyond see photos or films promotional sets at the show, you can, thanks to the national commission of Film France, to determine whether such a region is the best for your film. It is a real network of 41 offices to host shoots present in the whole of France that is proposed.

But it is above all the opportunity to meet the leaders of these commissions of the film or of the reception office of the shoots, and that you will need, sooner or later, meet to talk about your production folder, to talk about your project, pick up decorations, make pre-scouting, ask for contacts of professionals, whether this is in terms of workforce, suppliers ortechnical team.

And to meet these people is the first step to get to know and be confronted with the reality. But it is also about your project and get a real personalised support.

Sets and direct contact

You have often in your scenarios of the decorations that come back regularly : airports, prisons, trains, railway stations, police stations etc…You’re struggling to find the right contacts and know what it is possible to do or not…and at what price !

The living area of the scene shooting enables you to meet all the managers of the shoots in each of the structures, that is :

  • The SNCF
  • The ministry of defence
  • The ministry of justice (to turn in the courts, hearing rooms, etc…)
  • The airports of Paris (Charles of Gaulle, Orly, Le Bourget)
  • Air France (turn in the aircraft)
  • L’office National des forêts

Locations in paris :

  • TheAP-HP (for shoots in the hospitals of Paris)
  • The palace of Versailles
  • The Louvre
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The RATP

The rental companies and the studios

Sometimes you do not realize it, but your scenarios, vos stories ask around in the studio. Several studios in France offers the opportunity to accommodate you. As all services of this kind in the cinema, there is a price grid,…but know the contacts of these studios is the ability to not only identify your needs but also to engage in a privileged relationship with each of them to ” try ” to get discount, advantages. It is especially to be able to work in confidence with someone who knows you and your project.

Several offers of studios of all sizes are available in France. The size of the trays ranges from 200 to 2000 m2 !!! Suffice to say that the supply of sets is large. There are, therefore, for all tastes and all prices.

Here are some of the studios present at the show. I will make you a article more accurate on the film sets in France, by some time.

  • Studio D’aubervilliers
  • Studio in Bry-Sur-Marne
  • Studio Of Epinay
  • Studio Kremlin
  • Studios Paris
  • Studios Sets

You’ll understand that salons are often, as festivals, before the first, film sets, places where you need to go. It is necessary to meet people, talk about your project. I met filmmakers : confirmed and apprentices, but especially producers ! Yes, you read that right, producers ! Of course, they come to talk about their future projects with the film commissions, meet dir prod, take rdv with other producers…but it does mean that they are more accessible there, than confined in their office.

It sometimes allows, at the bend of an alley, pitch your project…sometimes it is necessary to go on the sprue…you have nothing to lose. Leave a business card or take a can sometimes make the difference.

I am left with a lot of contacts…I’ll tell you about it later according to the feedback that I have. But even if none of them leads somewhere in the next weeks, the contact will have been made will not have been for nothing.

Simply because the next time I will have a place, a project to give head… we are no longer strangers…it will surely be a discussion…curiosity…or an interest ! And for all that this kind of event has no price.

So I’m not saying that no reader of How to Make A Movie there was, I’d be lying ;o) I met one of you. Necessarily, who have not announced that I was going to be this, he has not made the link between my ” true self “ and the photo of the blog (I’m much more beautiful in real life ;o) ) But I’ve necessarily talked about the blog at one time as his questions and my answers were far too long to develop on a few minutes. His reaction was ” : ” It is you who made this blog ?! “ After reflection, I have to be more ugly in real life than on the photos ;o)

We were able to talk to them about his project, which is always a plus.

But I would have loved to meet you in as many…

That’s it for this article on : ” the show places of shooting “. Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article.

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Tom Weil

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