The Nikon Film Festival is waiting for your films

From 17 September until 14 January 2013, the directors, fans can submit their short films to the Nikon Film Festival. This event is one of the largest event web for the filmmakers. It is massively relayed in many media and two awards have of what to do to dream : The jury prize is a prize of 5000€ + a kit D800 Film + broadcast in cinemas MK2. The audience award is a prize of 5000€ + the Nikon D800.

But to participate, it is necessary that the film adheres to specific criteria. The theme of this third edition : “I’m a fan”. Here is the brief in full :

At the time of the 3rd edition of the festival du film Nikon, and after having been the hero of your daily life, or given your vision of the future, you’ve just became a FAN !

I’M a FAN…in less than 140 seconds. Showcase your passions, from the most common to the most extraordinary, throughout the story, the fiction, the humor or the drama… In the form of film animation, video or film photo.

The Fan : a be wild with passion, from laughter to tears, walking kilometres, following the trace of the loved one. Collector, imitator, sometimes destructive, often achieved by the madness. The fan dedicated his life to his idol, for the better and for the worse… I’M a FAN !

Between hysteria and fervour, the fan transcends its domain. Each of us contains in himself the ardor of the most common to the most secret. You have 140 seconds to be a FAN.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to you will speak very definitely on this event and we will present you with probably a couple of the films in the competition. Find out How to participate.



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