The pier, the masterpiece of Chris Marker

Chris Marker, more than a filmmaker, was truly an artist. In addition to being a filmmaker, he was a writer, illustrator, translator, photographer, editor, publisher, philosopher, essayist, critic, poet, and producer. He died on July 29, 2012 at the age of 91 years. Despite an amazing talent and work outstanding as The jetty, and Without the sun, it has remained little known to the general public. His films are primarily of testing film and experiments.

To pay tribute to him, we invite you to explore The pier. It is certainly his most well known film, considered a true masterpiece by many critics and filmmakers. The film the army of The twelve monkeys by Terry Gilliam is also very heavily inspired by The pier.

The pier, in addition to a scenario particularly original, mainly driven by its narration absolutely unique : a series of black and white photos accompanied by a voice-over accompanied by a soundtrack very sober. The result is very poetic, and translates well the “magic” of memories and their side “album-photo”.

The pier Chris Marker

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