the” PLANAR 2 ” : transmission of a message to be pragmatic

Cars, released in 2006, told the story of Flash Mc Queen, a race car. Proud, selfish, Flash is at the beginning of the story, unbearable head to smack that, however, will gradually selflessness and simplicity. The opportunity for John Lasseter (father of Pixar and Toy Story), to provide the taste of the day of own values, such as respect for the cultural heritage, or the nostalgia of a time past.

The specificity of the film was in addition, this disturbing anthropomorphism of the vehicles, which far more than the film itself, is now completely retracted into the collective unconscious. It is almost only capitalizing on the success of derivative products, that were made in 2011 and 2013 the unbearable Cars 2, a history of spies overly explosive, and Flat, a little more interesting but definitely too much (a classic story of drive and victory)

And this is what happens to FLAT 2.

In PLANE 2, the champion Dusty finds himself suffering from a kind of “cancer of the aircraft,” preventing him from indulging in his passion : to win speed races. He then rest in a national park (a replica of Yosemite), the opportunity for him to get acquainted with a team of soldiers from the fire. It falls well, summer just started, which is as much american vacation to the forest fire season.

Attention – far be it from me to say that PLANES 2 is a masterpiece huh… It is on to exploit not only the aura of toy-selling franchise Cars, but also the recipe of the entertainment made in Disney. As in 90% of films from the studio, a hero gradually discovers a whole new world, and then, following the classical phases of rejection of each other, starts to tame it until finally by the master. In this title, the climax to the final (a huge fire threatening the vacationers), is a test of the talent of Dusty via a fantastic spectacle, and heroism are less important than the mastery of oneself and its environment.

This allows you to make a link with what I really liked in PLANE 2. The entertainment, although of high quality, fades away in the background of the film: a very attractive discount to the taste of the day these values a little less consensual and unifying that have made the success of the first Cars.

Already, there is the route relatively dark, Dusty, who will be to fight against his own fear of death, in order to rise certainly personal, but above all altruistic. FLAT 2 addresses the issues of the disease, of courage, and of the need to trust the other… Themes finally mature enough, although the film insists ever on any gravity.

One might then expect, with a history of fire, in a speech naive type : save the trees, save the planet… Yet, the emphasis is rather on the natural character and the ecological need for forest fires. The content of teaching of the film is based on the importance – scale – to understand and respect the nature, and especially in the already “saved”in the national parks. Here there is an irony on which the film insists, without judging: this will be very american, to preserve but also to exploit (lucrativement or not) of the natural resources. The Man invaded and more or less positively at the heart of the nature (hotels VS. hiking), while the latter is controlled more or less positively by the Man (fire VS. leisure travelers). FLAT 2 patterns, as well as the interactions between these concepts, as paradoxical as complementary, are put into perspective by the nature itself from which the natural process of purging force operators to reflect on their roles and presences.

In short: a bit like Zootopie recently, PLANAR 2 is a form of entertainment very accessible, but with the support proper, is the opportunity to pass on to our children a message quite pragmatic: we, Humans, have an impact on the nature. Up to us to decide if it will be more or less harmful, by acting on our scale.

FLAT 2, from 4 years of age.


Original title : Planes: Fire & Rescue

Achievement : Roberts Gannaway

Screenplay : Jeffrey M. Howard

Main actors FR : Fred Testot, Philippe Catoire, Audrey Lamy

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Released : July 23, 2014

Duration : 1h24min

Distributor : The Walt Disney Company France


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