THE POINT OF NO RETURN – in theatres in the 07/06/17

The first american film by John Boorman – 5 years before Issue and 13 pre-Excalibur -, is a revenge movie called The point of no return. It appears in film this June 7, 2017 !

The story: This is the account of his friend Reese that Walker, accompanied by his wife, picks up in the abandoned prison of Alcatraz, a nest egg of $ 93,000. The operation is successful. Reese knocks down the Walker and takes his woman, he is looking for a long time. Only Walker is not dead and continues to chastise Reese and his accomplices.

Here is the trailer !

There are three major success stories in THE POINT OF NO RETURN.

The first is this freedom of tone at John Boorman, who seems to be inherited from the New Wave, and which allows a film of digressions and surprising and challenging. One thinks, for example at the beginning of the film, which mixes time and space, the memories and the fantasies of the protagonist, a little like last year at Marienbad, . At other times, the camera captures hold such a particular atmosphere, (as in the nightclub), rather than linking directly to the rest of the story. These moments where the staging is done more ostentatious give the film a unique personality, which distinguishes it clearly from all-comers.

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And then, there’s the mythology gangstéreuse in which shoves Walker. If the aim was in the first place to avenge his wife and his best friend who betrayed him during a deal, this motivation first embrayera soon on the search for sponsors, and then the boss of them, and of their employers to them, and so on. THE POINT OF NO RETURN thus reveals a pyramid of organized crime, striking by its precision, its appearance of sprawling and rules that make up its various microcosms (the “street”, the “hideout”, the “club”, “offices”, “home boss”, “the abandoned warehouse”, etc).

In the middle, Lee Marvin. A kind of ancestor of the Liam Neeson of our revenge-movies of today, themselves also appear in their own universe mafia (we think a Night Run, or Stroll among the tombs). Lee Marvin interpreter in all cases Walker, a character almost mutique, and of worship, of which the brilliant technique of intimidation is not to suggest, by a look/growl/interrogation, only a tiny portion of the fury that could animate it in case of any inconsistency. Lee Marvin does not use nearly that this method of “the less I say, the more you speak” to unblock situations when, paradoxically, the dead-by-panic crowd all alone after its passage. There is a fun primary to see this peculiar spectacle of a man alone-against-all, which by his simple charisma, gives big shots the foot in an ant hill that seemed to be yet unwavering.

If these three qualities make that THE POINT OF NO RETURN is very interesting, it’s peinera all the same to understand the importance of highlighting THIS particular film, which, like most first works, is imperfect by its dosage little appropriate excess of personality on the part of an author who wishes to clearly leave its mark, and the simple ambition of entertainment effective and without consequences; it is a revenge-movie all the same, and happens in spite of everything a point where it gets boring, because too much of things… “nerd”, come to free-ride on the simple pleasure of seeing men dropping like flies. An opinion is definitely very subjective, but that still leaves a taste of unfinished.



THE POINT OF NO RETURN – in theatres in the 07/06/17
Original title : Point Blank

Production : John Boorman

Screenplay : Alexander Jacobs, David Newhouse, Rafe Newhouse after Donald E. Westlake

Main actors : Lee Marvin, Angie Dickinson

Date of original release : 1968

Date exited : June 7, 2017

Duration : 1h32min
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