The QUIET MAN (1952), one of the greatest successes of John Ford – Review

The Quiet Man, John Ford, one of the few refuges of the filmmaker in her native Ireland, is a marvel of simplicity and emotions.

When you think of the cinema of John Ford, the collective imagination is nourished, instantly legendary plans of the american West, this vast playground orange that is Monument Valley, majestic, mystical, and its ruler, the inevitable John Wayne. However, the true corner of paradise Fordien is thousands of miles away, in the heart of the Ireland native, green, lush and fertile. It was already the place of magic in the wrenching how green was my valley, which opened in the form of remembrance be glorified, as a Romantic image of a modest cottage preserved from the evils of this world. And while The Quiet Man was pushed back many, many times, it took almost fifteen years, and all the obstinacy of Ford with the help of his acolytes for the film to see the light of day in 1952. Therefore, we are again embedded in the large family Fordienne.

When John Wayne arrives in the United States, silhouette bold and a manslaughter to his name, it is with the memory of a childhood inundated by the sun of Ireland; it fits naturally within the circle, welcoming him as a member perfectly legitimate, respectful Inisfree. The beer is flowing and flowing in the dim light of a tavern, lit only by the chants shouted in unison of the famous community. Yet and still this central motif, obsessive, that one could decline in all the works of the person concerned. But in John Ford, the questions are amended, revised and corrected over time, and therefore, over the films. Never a filmmaker has also well captured with so much tenderness that complexity the moves conflicting of a group of individuals culled by his own bitterness.

The Quiet Man is more of a man tormented by his past…

The object of discord, the technicologénique Maureen O’hara, then points at the tip of his nose, and the community, weakened it from the inside, is called to pull to one side or the other. Therefore, the machine Fordienne whistles all azimuth, as usual, plays with precious details that shape the work of immense beauty (the hat, the race, the veil, the dowry, the cemetery). The Quiet Man is more of a man tormented by his past, who dream of a future where the sun no-one looks smart for everyone without exceptions, worn by John Wayne always as upsetting and explosive Maureen O’hara. Ford imagined a story of love “between adults”, he delivers us a fresco melancholic, full of tenderness, full of humour as only a filmmaker of genius is capable of. And in The Quiet Man, all the faithful of John Ford will give heart to joy. We also.


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The QUIET MAN (1952), one of the biggest success of John Ford’s – Critical
Original title : The Quiet Man

Achievement : John Ford

Screenplay :Frank S. Nugent

Main actors : John Wayne, Maureen O’hara, Barry Fitzgerald

Release Date : 6 June 1952

Date of resumption : May 9, 2018.

Duration : 2h09min

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