The remake of The Orphanage has found its director

How, you did not know that the masterpiece of Juan Antonio Bayona would be “remaké” ? And yes, they did…

Who ? The americans, of course. Anxious to go back and capture all that behind in the world of cinema, as long as it’s not just at home, this is the umpteenth remake of a film having simply cardstock at the box-office in spain, we are of course speaking of The Orphanage ‘s Juan Antonio Bayona.

Therefore, in casting US. The director has been found, it is Larry Fessenden. So like that it tells you maybe nothing, and for good reason, the guy has made a few films including Wendigo and The Last Winter with Ron Perlman.

As you know, the honor is a little – except as Guillermo Del Toro, producer of the original film, will be the hat of co-writer for this remake.

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