The Russian actor Oleg Ivanovich Jankovski dies at age 65

One comes to learn of the death of the actor Oleg Ivanovich Jankovski

Oleg Ivanovich Jankovski joined the drama theatre in Saratov in 1965. He enters the film career two years later, when he is retained to rotate in two films dealing with the second world war.

Yankovski has pursued a career in theatre and a career fruitful in the cinema. He appeared in adaptations of classics like” My Sweet And Tender Beast (1977) or The Sonata A Kreutzer (1987). It is at the same time as the main actor at the Lenkom in productions of Mark Zakharov. He obtained the State award of the USSR for his role in the work of Roman Balayan, Flights Between Dream And Reality (1984).

Abroad, he is known for his roles in the films of Andrei Tarkovsky : The Mirror (where he plays the father) and Nostalghia (where he plays the main role).

Jankovski was the director of the Kinotavr (the Film Festival in Sochi) since 1993. He had been recently awards for his career, in particular, the Nika from the Academy of Russian Cinema for the film he directed Just to See Me (2001), as well as its role in The Lover Of Valery Todorovsky (2002). He has played the count Pahlen in poor, Poor Pavel (2004) and Komarovski in a television adaptation of Doctor Zhivago (2006), directed by his son Philip Jankovski.

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