The selection “Series B” : HITCHER

To help you make your choice in the multitude of series B generated by the cinema operating for the past fifty years, here is a selection of films distinguished by their high degree of improbability, their errors of taste assumed, and their leadership qualities-works well known.

Fans of thriller the know, the road is a dangerous place, prone to bad encounters. Duel, Wake in fright, Breakdown, Wolf Creek; those who ventured on the languages of asphalt that cross the deserts, must expect to see their trip turn into a nightmare. In this line of the road trips quick to gut you, Robert Harmon public offering HITCHER, 1986. The director is a city-dweller, born in New York, a student in Boston and then in Los Angeles; its natural habitat is the city, and the field of his imagination thus becomes the scene of the desert, where the next-door neighbor is not really â side; where nature extends to the horizon, and recalls the man to a small square.

It is in this perspective that it brings to the screen the timeline ofEric the Red, a author is obviously fascinated by the high desert of california, since it will bring two years later in this same setting a dimension of fantasy and dreamlike to The Borders of the dawn, the first film signed Kathryn Bigelow, that I highly recommend to fans of vampires, romance, and vampires romantic. In these eighties where to ensure that chills to the audience, it was fashionable to locate the plots in the full metropolis, where every street corner sordid can become a cut-throat; how is it that the project of Harmon and Red takes place on a deserted road ? It is not rather supposed to be quiet in a car, on this endless ribbon of asphalt ? That may well come to disturb our peace ? The response came like a bombshell from the first minute of the film : a hitchhiker.

Yes, good: if at this moment of critique, you expect a creature even more scary, is that you have not understood all the subtleties of the term “hitchhiker”. Harmon seeks to evoke our fear of these strangers, these people which we know nothing and of which we are unable to predict the behavior, but as we accept that we accommodate in our vehicle or in a space reduced binding to a certain physical proximity. This concept creepy begins to take shape in your mind ? Well, now, imagine that the unknown in question has the stature of a mineral and the look a predator of Rutger Hauer (the android at the slip with a memorable Blade Runner), and you’ll understand why Jim, the protagonist of the nightmare road has anything to fear for its survival. Far from civilization, Jim will discover that this wilderness setting has given rise to a be quite as wild, a predator who treats the road like a giant playground.

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HITCHER, that is, before all, a mechanical story perfectly developed, that never dries up, even if the issues that are offered to Jim are limited in the decor as in the story who wears it. A dinner here, a service station there; it was a nice stop for a few minutes and catch our breath at the same time that Jim, we know that the chase will not be completed until the hitchhiker crazy be alive; a rule diégétique which serves also for the indestructible killers in slashers.

The film’s strength is knowing how to constantly pull part of his basic concept without ever feeling limited by the surrounding desert, or the absence of parentheses in the voltage, for the benefit of a comment psychological. No, we do not face a psycho-thriller, but beautiful and well in the presence of a thriller, as generous in action scenes that in moments of tension creepy (the blackmail of the psychopath in the last quarter of an hour remains a must-see genre). It is in the end, the trajectory internalized Jim will finally appear as the oil psychological of this perfect mechanical; or how the prey must one day resolve to become more ruthless than his predator.


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The selection “Series B” : HITCHER
Original title :The Hitcher

Production :Robert Harmon

Screenplay : Eric Red

Main actors :C. Thomas Howell, Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh

Release Date : June 25, 1986

Duration : 1h37min
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