The selection “Series B:” TURBO KID

To help you make your choice in the multitude of series B generated by the cinema operating for the past fifty years, here is a selection of films distinguished by their high degree of improbability, their faults of taste assumed and their leadership qualities-works well known.

In a world ravaged by the apocalypse, The Kid, a young boy fascinated by comic books survives the nuclear winter by exchanging against a little water, the objects that he finds in the ruins of the Desolate Land. In finding in its ruins, a strange costume, he is offered the opportunity to become a hero.

As the mokaccino was born of the union of mocha and cappuccino, the nice project TURBO KID was able to see the light of day thanks to the alliance between the two proud nations : Canada and New Zealand. A happy marriage to believe in the strength and charisma of the offspring, assuming its potential of fun showing that at this level, one of the productions of the most generous in recent years. Past alas a little unnoticed in the face at Kung Fury of David Sandberg, TURBO KID was playing yet more or less with the same string of films, video-club, in the aesthetic eighties, today, more trendy than ever. Has a notable difference : this feature foutraque cobbled together by a bunch of mates is not simply an exercise of style, technical prowess coated marketing grind house, post modern, nosalgico-retro-futuro-I know not what other qualifier. No, TURBO KID has been provided for the birth of a body of spectacular size : his heart. (promised , this is the last time the heart wins over the other bodies).

In the first selection, B-series, I mentioned TerrorVision, remarkable instance of comedy that judiciously uses the codes of the z series, bringing his vision of punk family entertainment. TURBO KID plays and wins with the same imposture : if one thinks at the beginning that this is a simple parody of post-nuke stuck in the sand so imitations degenerate to Mad Max to the mode of cinema bis Italian, one discovers that the interests of the programme rather stems from his quest story for a hero as a teenager, that could just as well come out ofExplorers by Joe Dante that of the current series Stranger Things. A hero spielbergien too awkward and too optimistic to survive in a world where the villain is played by Michael Ironside (that will tell you if it’s quiet, the crafty).

“Turbo Kid manages to convince us in going beyond the simple pleasure of the pastiche aesthetic, and in presenting us with characters sincerely endearing. “

The difference between naivety of the characters, moving bikes cross as the children of the eighties, and the violence in the ravaged world delivered into the hands of crooks bloodthirsty, was clearly a good idea for a short film, which would have then used card for its young directors, as well as to all those who participated in the artistic direction, which proves that a modest budget does not preclude the cross-fertilization of ideas in the costumes, sets and props. But TURBO KID managed to settle on the duration of feature film beyond the simple pleasure of the pastiche aesthetic, the simple game of appropriation of ideas nanardesques, by presenting us with characters sincerely endearing.

Again, the trio of filmmakers Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell uses the offset as clear, humorous, and emotional in a second time. During the scenes where the two filmmakers are having fun with the gore torrential whose years forty-twenty had the secret, paradoxically, our heroes will only appear more fragile, and therefore more touching, in particular Apple the eternal enthusiastic, a mixture of grace and madness cartoon, embodied by Laurence Leboeuf, which I hope to find very soon the genius on the big screen. The Friendship, the last bulwark humanist in a nihilistic world where quarrels are settled in a sudden circular saw… Who had believed ?


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