The sessions movie more simply with unCine, Cinetrafic and Cinefriends

On Friday evening at 18: 30, between two phone calls and a folder to complete this race ! and you have very little time to find the film and the movie that you agree…

This is why unCine, Cinetrafic and Cinefriends make a partnership in order to provide you with the choice of a movie and a session the easiest way and the fastest possible.

First of all, Cinetrafic offers you to discover quickly the outputs of the week, including watching the trailers of the movies through a video player that plays innovative. Once your chosen film, you just need to select your city from the page of this film and unCine will provide you with simply on the same page all sessions for your movie. And then what better way, after – or before – the film, discuss it, or discuss it simply on Cinefriends. The tower is played !

If you also want to find a movie and a session more quickly, go to the list of output Movie of the week on Cinetrafic.

About unCine :

Freely inspired by the bygone ‘Pariscope’, unCine is today the site of the most clean and simple of movie times and meets the demand for unique and simple : to provide the movie times to those who seek it.

About Cinetrafic :

Cinetrafic is a social network dedicated to the seventh art, which reconstructed virtually in the world of Cinema with thematic lists of movies for allow you to find movies, and organize your film library with ease. Cinetrafic account today nearly 25 000 movies, 1500 lists of films and 8,000 videos.

About Cinefriends :

Cinefriends allows you to share your passion for cinema thanks to several tools : discover new movies and actors, take note and participate in the different sheets, meet people and make new friends, play games and compete with other players.

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