The Smurfs, the movie : The blue characters on the big screen and in 3D !

Yes, you will be entitled to an adaptation in 3D of the comic strip The Smurfs at the cinema…

This is a new one that will be a pleasure to aficionados of the comic strip by the belgian Peyo. Papa Smurf, Smurf glasses Gargamel or The Schtroumpfette will go from the BD to the 3D movie through the series that had been aired the first time from 1981 to 1989.

It no longer has the synopsis : An adventure story of a people’s imagination of small blue creatures housed at a village mushroom in the middle of a vast forest.

The comic book has had several film adaptations : The Adventures Of the Smurfs , produced by Eddy Ryssack, The Flute of Six Smurfs, Baby Smurf, V the Smurfs , or Les P’tits Smurfs.

Here it is with Colin Brady directing the little people blue. On a script by David Stern and David Weiss (Shrek 2, Shrek 3), the film will mix skillfully the real actors and computer generated images.

The film will be produced by Jordan Kerner and see Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures Animation’s overseeing the whole thing.

Exit December 17, 2010, in the United States, no date, French has not yet been release.

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