The Storyboard : Tips and examples for preparing your film

After reviewing the notice of intent and then the cutting technique, it is now the turn of the storyboard to get his little guide.

In our article on the splitting technique, we insisted to explain that it was a different document than the storyboard. It is therefore time to explain concretely what is the storyboard and how it works. Indeed, it is an important document which it is better to know the principles.

If the cutting technique was a technical document that will list the ingredients to prepare a plan, in the manner of a cookery recipe, here we can say that it will be the illustrated version of the recipe. Always with the technical considerations, the plans will be represented visually, in the form of drawings. There is, therefore, a first representation of the decorations, whether they be virtual or built, or even for the storyboards, filled with details of costumes.

Thus, the first goal of the storyboard is going to be to convey intentions clearly and accurately translating visually what is written in the scenario. For as much as some storyboards are simply beautiful, this level is not necessary to have a good storyboard is effective. Sketches annotated sometimes suffice very well to meet.

In fact, the primary purpose of a storyboard is going to be to give an idea of the scene you will perform, showing the framework, the intention, and the main elements that will compose the action scenes. Thus, in addition to assessing before turning to the readability of the past, it continues to improve the flow of information within a team technique, and facilitates the shooting.

So far, this work is not necessarily all the time helpful and sometimes even very optional. In effect, this requires time and sometimes money. And for a social drama, for example, this is not necessarily an obligation of all to represent the prior. On the other hand, the design of the storyboard is much more feel for fantasy films or blockbusters. And even within a film of this kind, all the sequences do not require obligatorily a storyboard, but only the most complex and the most graphic. For animation, the storyboard is essential.

On the other hand, some filmmakers are going to find that this night of creativity and prefer to spend. It is, therefore, a document is much less important that the cutting technique.

Now that we have seen what is and what is the storyboard, go more in the heart of the matter, and see how it is necessary to make a storyboard.

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