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Is it necessary to perform studies of cinema to become a director, screenwriter or producer ? Not necessarily, many of those who have been successful are self-taught and have never had course. A site such as this one, reading a few books, and especially the practice can allow you to learn a lot.

So why training ? For multiple reasons :

– According to the formations that you choose, you’ll get the means much more important than if you were alone in your corner

– You’ll meet other people passionate about the cinema, that may have complementary skills to yours

– You will have the opportunity to attend courses or seminars of professionals in this business

You will more easily be able to prove your skills by having followed training

– …

Cinema studies

There are many training courses in the audiovisual and the cinema in France. IF you wish to pursue studies in the cinema, take the time to study the different paths to find the most suitable for the job that you want to do. We can group the courses in three distinct categories :

Film schools – What are the training’s most famous but also the most selective (either by the contest entry, or financially)

The universities in the cinema – The training provided is mostly theoretical, and the material means are limited

The BTS audiovisual – A very good training primarily meant for technicians

To summarize our point of view, studies in the audiovisual sector are a good way to develop your skills and train you in the crafts of cinema, but do not ensure it a place among the chosen few who become directors.

Finally, below you will find the info very valuable if you want to study cinema abroad :

Why study film in the United States ?

Best film schools in the United States

Best film schools in the world

Studying cinema in Germany

To go further

Of course, you can begin to train you in consulting with our topics The scale of the plans and Movements of the camera. You can also get the book “I want to make movies : 70 jobs and how to get there“. To deepen your knowledge of the profession of an actor, there is a reference book must-read : The training of the actor.

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