The Wizard Of the Vampire : Featurette (VO/HD)

Here’s a featurette on The Wizard Of the Vampire

The pitch : Darren is a teenager of 14 years old as all the others. He hangs out with his buddies, works not too badly at school and avoid the muddles. But when he falls for a beautiful day on a circus of monsters travelling, things suddenly begin to change, and this exactly at the time where the vampire Larten Crepsley changes to a creature…blood-thirsty.

Vampire novice, Darren joins the Cirque du Freak, a journal, ambulatory populated by monstrous creatures from man to snake skin to the werewolf, going by the woman’s beard and a barker giant. While he learns to control his new powers in this world of darkness, Darren becomes the object of lust of two factions of vampires enemy. The young man happens to save his skin in the middle of this savage war that threatens to devour the little that remains of humanity ?

The Wizard Of the Vampire was directed by Paul Weitz (American Dreamz, In Good Company) with John C. Reilly (Brothers in Spite of Themselves, Tenacious D In : The Pick Of Destiny), Salma Hayek (Across The Universe, Lost Hearts) and Chris Massoglia.

Date of national release on December 2, 2009 !

The Wizard Of the Vampire : Featurette (VO/HD)

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