Tomorrow it may be your turn…

Demain ça sera peut être votre tour…

Give to receive

This article should have appeared yesterday, unfortunately, my schedule did not permit. Since I am income everything goes at a crazy speed.

These long months away from you, the blog, my business, have given me even more eager to share. I am currently working on a large project of which you are the center. I hope to be able to tell you about it soon.

For the moment I would like you to do a reminder of the project of Nicolas Chik that I support both the scenario and its world or its course are important to my eyes. Its producer, Nicolas Humbert, called me Saturday to tell me huge news. The scenario has been preselected by the commission in the short film Paris.

You’re going to tell me ” yes, and then !? “Then ? That means it is looking good for this film. To give you an idea, the members of the committee are : Cedric Klapisch (Russian dolls, Paris etc..), Alix Delaporte (The last hammer blow), Ludivine Sagnier (Rémi without family, The young pope), Bruno Julliard, Michel Gomez

In short, that size ! ;o)

The cast is also pretty substantial. I let you discover all this here

What I like about this project, beyond the great generosity of the producer and of the production, it is that they want to also make you discover the behind-the-scenes. For the past few days they have added a video where you can discover trial castings…what one sees very little.

Many of you have to call me to tell me that you were unable to leave a comment on the page of kisskissbankbank, or that you were unable to participate in the project. All of this is ancient history.

So I invite you to try again now to help this film see the light of day. Especially that there are not more than 700 euros to find to achieve the goal. Suffice to say that if all the users of “How to Make A Movie” there are, one can complete the collection as soon as tonight…or even tomorrow.

It would be just great.

In addition, I have great news to give you. Me too I want to be a part of what the movie of Nicolas sees the light of day. So I decided to give my time. For this I have proposed to accompany you personally on the filming that will take place in Paris, from the 11th of December.


I will introduce you to the director, Nicolas Chik but also its producer, Nicolas Humbert. Suffice to say that this does not happen every day !!! We had expected 4 spaces available…there is more than 1 available at the time I write these lines.

We will also be able to take advantage of this time to discuss your projects, scenarios, etc…in Short, a unique moment. You want to often that I can put you in touch with professionals…and of course there will be that much on the shooting (technicians, actors, producers) and it is me who you will present to facilitate the meeting !

But I want to tell you that all gifts, regardless of what you put in, have their importance.

For each amount, gifts are offered in return : an invitation to the premiere, the movie in DVD + version downloadable, draw a picture of Cebos Nalcakan, invitation on the shooting, and much more.

Don’t forget that the cinema is a team work. Alone, we can do nothing !


Tomorrow I will can be your project to the honor, here… So…

I count on you,

A Sunday, for an outstanding article,


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