Too much…too big…fear…your failure !

Trop…trop gros…la peur…votre échec !

The other 3 reasons why you will fail


Here are the result of the 2 first reasons that will make you fail…

Too many targets

It is silly, but many of you will set several goals at the same time. I know that some will say ” This is great, as it can move faster.” What happens when you set too many goals is that you focus on one in particular and you don’t take care of the other.

For example you say : ” ok, I want to make a film, to be an actor, to earn money with my scenarios and become famous “or even” assemble a team, find a camera pro, find actors, etc… “

Ok, I know this is a bit of a cliché but the worst of it is that it is true. Set several goals, has two disadvantages :

  • We can’t all do it the same time
  • It focuses on goals that are unnecessary or that are not qualitative

For the first reason I talked about above, it focuses more on one objective than another, and that gives us the feeling of never moving fast enough. Or even it combines two objectives that can not be done at the same time. For example, if you have as objective to find talent and that you are still in the process of writing your scenario this may not work. You must first finish your scenario and then, only, and look for your actors.

For the second problem : ” concentrate on goals that are less qualitative or unnecessary “. If you want to earn a lot of money with your movies and your aim this is it…this is not a goal of quality. Moreover, it is a consequence and not a goal. If you make good movies and that you get to attract audiences in theaters, then you will earn more money. The goal is therefore to make/direct a film.

Find a good camera is not a goal of qualitative! Because if you do not know how to use it it doesn’t do anything. The goal would be to find a good technician, as a cinematographer/camera operator, knowing how to use it.

Think about your objective and try to identify whether it is qualitative or not.

To finish it is not impossible to set multiple objectives , but you need to ensure that they are complementary.

Setting too many big goals

I no longer count the people on the blog who say they want to make a feature-length film, a series of I don’t know how many episodes, over several seasons of course. Or those who want to go to the United States to make a film because they think that France : “It is too lame to make movies “.

Before you know how to run and sprinter you must learn to find his balance and learn to walk.

Setting too many big goals will go to the opposite of what you are looking for, that is to say, the fulfillment of any chose…de yourself. In addition, as the road ahead will seem huge, you will never feel like getting there. As a result, you shift the arm, and will have the feeling that you’re an artist unappreciated. In short, the frustration will become your best friend…

You want to write feature films ? You want to make films for the cinema or television ?

  • Learn how to write
  • Write short stories
  • Learn how to make short stories
  • Filming these stories
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Try again !

As you move up in load and skills. You will make more and longer and better and better.

The fear

I think it is one of the reasons that you prevents more than successful and it has several causes :

The first is that due to lack of trust or credibility you dare not go to the people “who know” or who could help you.

You say to yourself : ” Why would help me ? I am nobody “. The thing is that all those who have started and which have become ” someone “, 99% of them were person at the beginning of their adventure.

And then you have to reason to keep. Influential people there are, it is true…but if you put in perspective there is little and it is not them who are going to help you. When I say it I think of large producers or filmmakers, financiers, important etc…actually now what you need are actors and pro, a little bit of money, technicians, equipment, etc…or even, if you are an apprentice writer only, a screenwriter who is more experienced than you to give you advice etc…

Except that you don’t dare go to them because you’re afraid that they’ll say : “no !” that your world is collapsing because you just d‘to wipe a refusal and that the person to whom you just ask for help was the only one that can help you…in Short…what you think at this time there are only baloney.

If a person says to you : ” No.” There are only two things to do :

  • you ask why he or she said no, history does not repeat the same mistake.
  • move on to the next person

Stop being afraid, it’s no use…you serve ! From today you are a tic-tac-toe, a tick…you’re going on your host and you will not let it go more as long as it has not helped you or put a shot of spray in the face !

ATTENTION : If you see that it does not after a time, be smart, avoid the stroke of the spray in your face and change your host ;o)

Secondly, the other great fear of the apprentices filmmakers don’t want to confront the other…then I think about the writing residencies, the pros, the structures which fund (region, cnc, foundation etc…) some call it overconfidence…they do not question, think they know everything etc…for me all this is only fear. The fear of confronting the other and necessarily to themselves…it don’t end up facing the gaps in their knowledge, their lack of mastery of writing technique or realization.

Other do not delegate…they want to control everything, absolutely everything. They are afraid that their project or their vision is beyond their control…but let’s not forget that make short films or long remain a work team.

Few filmmakers know how to do everything, alone. There are examples of this…those who perform, write, compose, edit, mix, without the need of person…but this is extremely rare…

Do you tap the strengths of your team and your network. Be sure to listen, accept that your project allows you to escape for it to evolve, improve, and at the same time you also.

When you have successfully completed one, two, three projects…and when I say success I’m talking about films released to the public, which have a life of their own : festivals, vod, tv or even the cinema ! When you are ready to move on to the higher speed you may be able to control more things, but for the moment don’t forget that you learn your job or your passion. Do not be afraid to accept the change and the new proposals.

Do not be afraid to get out of his comfort zone is the best thing that can happen to you.

So much for the article on : the 3 other reasons why you’re going to fail, that I will build for you in the coming weeks.

I will tell you next week. Leave me a comment under this article to tell me what you think or if you have any questions.

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