[tv] Friday, 5 July 2013 : The program on tv tonight

Each day, the writing of the Blog Cinema advise you 2 movies to see on tv that night : a film on all of the channels, and another one exclusively on TNT, so not to injure anyone.

The program tonight : Nothing on the DTT channels and Cat on a Hot tin Roof on TCM Cinema.

Your remote control !

  • ON TNT

Unfortunately, nothing on TNT tonight !



On TCM Cinéma à 20h40

Technical data sheet

Original title : Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Production : Richard Brooks

Screenplay : Richard Brooks, James Poe

Main actors : Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives

Production companies : Avon Production, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Country of origin : United States

Genre : Drama

Released : December 28, 1958

Duration : 108 minutes


In a villa in the south of the United States, the family gathers to celebrate the birthday of the patriarch is ill, Big Daddy.

Maggie and Brick are a couple in the midst of a crisis : Brick is depressed by the suicide of his best friend and takes refuge in alcohol. Maggie is frustrated because her husband no longer wants to fulfill her conjugal duties. Brick is considered responsible for the death of his friend, Skipper. Big Mama accuses Maggie of not to have children. Maggie, as Gooper, the brother of Brick, and his wife (Mae) are, in fact, come to try to capture the major part of the legacy of the father of which they know the end next.

Gooper and Mae are going to have a hard time to put it in the small papers of the father, since Brick is still the favorite son. While the family is being torn apart, Brick is going to be challenged and learn to his father that he did not yet know : his coming death.


• A few days after shooting began, Mike Todd, the husband of Elizabeth Taylor, dies in the crash of his plane. Traumatized, the young actress of 26 years old can no longer work ; the shooting stops, and the production is on the verge of being cancelled. In spite of everything, Elizabeth Taylor resumed, after a few weeks of rest, the path of the trays.

• The film adaptation took a few liberties in relation to the coin : in the film, Big Daddy holds a much more important (it does not appear in act III of the play). In addition, because of the code Hays, Brooks has sweetened the plot by removing any direct reference to homosexuality is supposed to Brick the benefit of the strengthening of the family conflict and the relationship father-son.

[Source : Wikipedia]

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